Runner's High

This weekend we went to Richmond so I could run the Monument Avenue 10K with my family.  It was my first 10K and my "training" was forcing myself to go running at least once a week on the treadmill.  And let me tell you: running outside >>>> running on a treadmill.  I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the race (even though it was freezing cold.)  My mom, brother, and I ran together which was a lot of fun- at the mile 2 marker Tyler thought we were just starting mile 2.  When we explained that we had finished 2 miles he started cheering, "Yes!  This is awesome!  I could run a marathon!"  Bryan watched the girls while we ran and they made a play dough pie (can you say fun parent?) then came out to see us at the finish line. 

The rest of the day was filled with Tyler's basketball tournament (they won!), Cafe Rio (if I'm being honest, this is the real reason we went down to Richmond), and the Women's Broadcast.  On Sunday we went to church then Jilly cried all afternoon because she didn't want to leave Gigi's house (none of us did!)  Happily we'll see them again soon, and I won't even have to run 6 miles that time.


Shauna said...

Way to go! 10K is a good length for a race - longer than a 5K (so more bragging rights), but not too long either. I'm itching to start training for my 10K!