Biscoff spread

When Bryan got home from his trip to Utah he told me about Biscoff spread.  He had some at his brother's house and could not stop talking about how good it was.  I'm not a huge fan of biscoff cookies (you know, the super hard cookies they serve on airplanes that make a huge crumbly mess on your lap table) so I honestly didn't think much of his praises.  Then one day we were walking down the peanut butter aisle and there it was.  I figured we'd give it a try, and now I have eaten a huge slice of humble pie because this stuff is amazing!!  It's creamy and thick like peanut butter and tastes just like biscoff cookies, but without the risk of breaking a tooth.  We've tried it a few ways-

+ Spread on apples.  This is my favorite way to eat biscoff; the cinnamon-y taste perfectly complements the sliced up apples.  I've had this for lunch nearly every day the past week.

+ With strawberries.  I heated some of the spread in the microwave for a few seconds to make it creamier then we dipped strawberries in the biscoff and scooped some whipped cream on top.  It was the best Family Night treat we've had in a while.

+ On waffles.  This is how Bryan initially tasted it at his brother's house.  Bryan and Jilly layered biscoff and maple syrup on their waffles but I just spread some biscoff and then put sliced strawberries on top and it was perfection. 

+ On its own.  The girls have been known to ask for a little spoonful of the "other peanut butter" after lunch and I have been known to give in.


Shauna said...

And now I'm dying for some biscoff! My favorite way to eat it is on bananas.

Jana said...

I can't believe you're just now getting to experience the wonders of biscoff!!!! Have you tried its cousin at trader joes - cookie butter?? Also delicious.

Kylie Martinez said...

It is extremely life changing, isn't it? Chad and I really eat it with everything. I replace peanut butter for Biscoff in cookies! That is extreeeemely dangerous, though, and I highly recommend you do it.