friday five

one- Today is supposedly the first day of Spring, but we woke up to snow!  Kind of depressing, but at least it's not as cold as it has been other days this winter, and the snow is gradually turning into rain.  I'm still optimistic that spring will eventually make it to Maryland. 

two- Jillian pulled out her ponytail one day and when she came upstairs with her hair down I looked at her and suddenly she was 15.  I think we'll keep the bows and braids as long as we can.  Also in hair news, Jilly got her first "salon" haircut this week (my sister-in-law has always cut her hair and done 10 times better than the lady in the salon did.)  Her hair looks so much better with fresh ends and she keeps telling me "I just love my shortcut!" (we cut off maybe half an inch.)  

three- Mattie is sweet and spunky as always.  One morning Bryan was leaving for work and she said, "high fie daddy!" and stuck out her hand for a high five.  Another day we met Bryan for lunch and when the song "Happy" came on she just couldn't keep herself from dancing.  

four- It took me two weeks of searching in a handful of grocery stores but I finally found tapioca flour so I could make Pao de Queijo, Brazilian cheese rolls, for Bryan.  When I asked if they tasted like the ones he had on his mission he admitted he didn't actually ever eat them in Brazil, just in Brazilian restaurants since he's been back.  

five- I filled out a March Madness bracket (and took a picture to consult my brother about my choices) but I guess I didn't save my picks correctly because they don't show up in our family's pool.  So, if Duke ends up winning, here's my only proof that I called it.  

Happy Weekend!!


Rachel said...

What!? I most definitely ate them in Brazil on several occasions. I think I said I didn't eat them very often?


Your loving husband and #1 blog admirer