Runner's High

This weekend we went to Richmond so I could run the Monument Avenue 10K with my family.  It was my first 10K and my "training" was forcing myself to go running at least once a week on the treadmill.  And let me tell you: running outside >>>> running on a treadmill.  I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the race (even though it was freezing cold.)  My mom, brother, and I ran together which was a lot of fun- at the mile 2 marker Tyler thought we were just starting mile 2.  When we explained that we had finished 2 miles he started cheering, "Yes!  This is awesome!  I could run a marathon!"  Bryan watched the girls while we ran and they made a play dough pie (can you say fun parent?) then came out to see us at the finish line. 

The rest of the day was filled with Tyler's basketball tournament (they won!), Cafe Rio (if I'm being honest, this is the real reason we went down to Richmond), and the Women's Broadcast.  On Sunday we went to church then Jilly cried all afternoon because she didn't want to leave Gigi's house (none of us did!)  Happily we'll see them again soon, and I won't even have to run 6 miles that time.


five on friday

1. We've been go-go-go this week.  By Wednesday night we had gone to Target, Michael's, TJMaxx, and 2 grocery stores.  We'd been to a birthday party, a play date, music class, Jilly's ballet class, a meeting at church, and an Arbonne party.  We had eaten lunch on the go every day and made and delivered dinner for two other families.  On Thursday morning after breakfast I marched the girls upstairs to get dressed and Jilly begged "Can we please just stay home today??"  So we had a much-needed morning of dress-up, playing with easter eggs, and cleaning the house.  It was good for all of us.

2.  On Sunday I had meetings before church so Bryan came later with the girls.  I did their hair before I left and set out dresses.  When they arrived at church I couldn't figure out why Jilly's sleeves were so short then I finally checked the tag and it was Mattie's shirt!  The girls have the same shirt and I must have just grabbed one (the wrong one) when I set out their clothes in the morning.  I can't imagine how Bryan and Jilly didn't notice her shirt was three sizes too small when she put it on!

3.  One day during Mattie's nap Jilly went down to the basement to play.  She was quiet for a long time so I went down to check on her.  She had the heater blowing right on her and had cuddled up with some dolls and blankets and toys and was fast asleep in the corner.  Mattie was asleep upstairs, Jilly was asleep downstairs, so I finished up my dinner prep and took a little snooze of my own.  It was heavenly.

4.  Mattie is just barely big enough for 2T clothes so we got a box of Jilly's old clothes down from the attic.  I am so, so happy to see these little pink crocs back in action.

 5.  Bryan has been very busy lately- he leaves at 5:45 to go to the gym before work, then has had to stay late a few nights after work so the girls haven't seen him all day long.  We've been really loving any time we get with Daddy, especially a lunch date with him at work.


friday five

one- Today is supposedly the first day of Spring, but we woke up to snow!  Kind of depressing, but at least it's not as cold as it has been other days this winter, and the snow is gradually turning into rain.  I'm still optimistic that spring will eventually make it to Maryland. 

two- Jillian pulled out her ponytail one day and when she came upstairs with her hair down I looked at her and suddenly she was 15.  I think we'll keep the bows and braids as long as we can.  Also in hair news, Jilly got her first "salon" haircut this week (my sister-in-law has always cut her hair and done 10 times better than the lady in the salon did.)  Her hair looks so much better with fresh ends and she keeps telling me "I just love my shortcut!" (we cut off maybe half an inch.)  

three- Mattie is sweet and spunky as always.  One morning Bryan was leaving for work and she said, "high fie daddy!" and stuck out her hand for a high five.  Another day we met Bryan for lunch and when the song "Happy" came on she just couldn't keep herself from dancing.  

four- It took me two weeks of searching in a handful of grocery stores but I finally found tapioca flour so I could make Pao de Queijo, Brazilian cheese rolls, for Bryan.  When I asked if they tasted like the ones he had on his mission he admitted he didn't actually ever eat them in Brazil, just in Brazilian restaurants since he's been back.  

five- I filled out a March Madness bracket (and took a picture to consult my brother about my choices) but I guess I didn't save my picks correctly because they don't show up in our family's pool.  So, if Duke ends up winning, here's my only proof that I called it.  

Happy Weekend!!


St. Patty's

We had a fun and low-key St. Patrick's Day
The girls woke up to milk turned green by a little leprechaun
And Jilly said, "oh, Daddy must have turned it green."  Hmmm.
The rest of the day was pretty average: gym, park, afternoon at home, ballet,
But we did get a package from my friend Britney that had some awesome green mustaches 
Then for our green dinner we had shamrock ravioli (thank you Costco), green beans, green water, and rolls with greenish garlic bread seasoning.
I love any day that involves a little extra celebration.


a day in the life

For the past three years I've done a "day in the life" post sometime in March.  Undoubtedly it's incredibly boring for you to read the mundane details of my day, but I think it's fun to look back and see what the heck I did all day and it's become kind of a tradition, so here goes- Friday, March 13th, 2015.

6:30am I hear Mattie chattering away in her room but it's all happy noises so I let her stay there for a while.  At 7 I get her up and go down to watch the Today Show. Bryan leaves at 7:10 and Jilly wakes up and comes down a little bit later.  I ask the girls if they want cereal or a banana muffin for breakfast, they both want cereal.  After eating one bite Mattie says "Wahn cake!"  Cake=Cupcake=Muffin.  So we have cereal and muffins for breakfast.  And, check out Mattie's morning hair.

8:00 I unload the dishwasher, clean up the breakfast dishes, make sandwiches for the girls' lunch and pizza dough for dinner, and mop the floor (my mop is sadly underused so this is a big deal- be impressed.)  Girls play with the little kitchen.

9:15 I let the girls play on my phone while I get ready

10:15 All dressed and hair done!  This is often a traumatic experience involving tears from some or all of us (Jilly hates having her hair brushed and if it were up to Mattie she would wear jammies all day every day) but this day it was pretty smooth.

10:15-12:00 Mommy & Me, Fridays are the BEST because of this program.  We go to the rec center down the street from our house and they fill the gym up with toys.  Kids run wild and the moms sit and chat.  

12:30 We go to the library because the previous day some crazy lady accidentally turned in a dvd case without the movie inside (It's a good thing the library doesn't charge me for all the dumb mistakes I make.)  We read some books and Mattie hoards all the farm animals.

1:30 This is the time of day when I swear time speeds up- I never get as much done as I think I will.  Mattie falls asleep on the way home from the library so I carry her up to bed.  I talk to Bryan for a few minutes while he is on lunch break.  I warm up some leftovers for my lunch and share a little bit with Jilly (she already ate her sandwich at Mommy &Me.)  Then I talk to my mom for a little while while Jilly colors.

2:30- Jillian and I read a chapter of Charlotte's Web.  We have a kind of hilarious conversation about Wilbur being killed to make bacon and the fact that we eat animals.  I don't think she's traumatized, but it's never a fun fact to learn.  Sometimes it drives me crazy that Jillian doesn't nap or do quiet time (my fault for not enforcing it, but she is an extremely social child and always hated it) but I also love this afternoon time we get to spend together every day- I know all too soon she'll be off to school and times like these will be rare.  

3:00 Jillian watches Curious George.  I read scriptures then do some very important research on what pie I am going to make for Pi Day (chunky monkey banana cream.)  I bribe myself with a handful of chocolate chips to get off the couch and clean up a bit.  Mattie wakes up.

4:00 Off to Target.  Jilly and I both need gifts for friends' birthdays coming up, we need pie ingredients, and I haven't had a drink all week so I decide we deserve some cherry coke to go along with our pizza dinner (grape kool-aid for the under 5 crowd.)  And, yes, the paci needs to go but she's been sick for months and months and I have zero backbone.  

5:20 Jillian makes a card for her friend's birthday, I make pizza, and Mattie whines at my feet because she wants me to hold her.  By 6:00 it looks like a tornado has gone through the kitchen and my nerves are shot, but we have a cheese pizza and a bacon & ranch pizza and, most importantly, cherry coke.

6:15 Bryan is home- hooray!!!  We eat pizza + carrot sticks then Bryan reads books to the little ladies while I wage war on my kitchen.  

7:00 More books in Mom and Dad's bed, jammies, teeth brushed, and prayers.

8:08 All is quiet upstairs, I make two pies, then Bryan and I eat popcorn while watching The Dark Knight Rises on tv.  


friday five

one- Mattie's response to pretty much any question these days is "I tink so!"

two- Jillian practices this little climbing wall every time we go to the gym and she finally made it to the top!  In possibly related news, nearly all of her leggings have holes in the knees, so we're really hoping warm weather is here to stay so we can retire all leggings.  

three- Our neighbor gave the girls a box of chalk and they immediately went to work covering our sidewalk with drawings, or in Mattie's case covering the side of our house (it's brick, so not a huge deal but does look kind of ridiculous.)  In case you thought we have a prodigy on our hands I drew the smiley face then gave Mattie the chalk. :)

four- We made red velvet cake mix cookies and Mattie enjoyed a little taste of the dough.

five- Speaking of dough, Bryan went on a temple trip with the youth last Friday so this bowl of cookie dough was my date while I got caught up on Nashville.  And, just so you know, I didn't eat the whole thing; I do have a smidgen of self restraint.  

 happy weekend friends!!



Call me crazy (Bryan definitely does) but even though the weather was kind of perfect in Sacramento, I really missed having seasons.  I got tired of nice, sunny days all winter and missed feeling the excitement in the air knowing a big change was coming. This winter has been long and bitterly cold and kind of miserable at times but it has made me look forward to Spring more than I ever have before.  We are going to appreciate the nice weather and green grass and soak every ounce of sunshine that we can.

On Monday there was still quite a bit of snow on the ground but it was sunny and warm and we could not stay inside for a second longer.  We walked down to the park where Jilly spun around yelling "This is the best day ever!!!" and I gave the girls underdogs on the swings until my shoulders were sore then I ate 5,000 twig "french fries" from their restaurant.  It really felt like the best day ever.


last hurrah

On Saturday Bryan had to work (blah) so my family saved me from a long and dreary day by coming to visit.  We went to Oregon Ridge Park and it was the most perfect sledding day ever.  There was still a lot of snow on the ground but it was sunny and finally not freezing cold!  Throughout the day we were all stripping off layers.  There were a few small/medium sized hills and one huge hill (rumor has it that it used to be a ski lift.)  We climbed to the top of the big hill then I kind of started to freak out.  Luckily my dad went down with Jilly before I could decide to turn around.  I could tell that she was upset at the bottom so I jumped on my sled.  I was going so so so fast, it was kind of terrifying but also very fun.  I got to the bottom and it turns out Jilly loved the ride, she was upset because her hair had gotten wet when the snow had sprayed up.  Oh my Jilly.  

Later in the day we met up with Bryan for some delicious barbecue at Andy Nelson's.  It was such a great day because I really feel (hope!!) this was our last snow and Spring is finally coming!  It was a fun way to say hooray and goodbye to winter.  We went back to the park with Bryan later and it had turned into a water park- all the snow was melting and it was a slushy mess.

^ We wore little Mattie out. She fell asleep on my dad's shoulder while we were walking to the car

^ This picture is back from Christmas but I wanted to document that my 12-year-old brother and I have the same coat- his is the boy version with an orange zipper and mine has a pink zipper