tuesday ten

1. Kindergarten is honestly kind of rough.  Jilly does love it and has made new friends and is always excited to ride the bus and tell me about her day.  But, I just miss her so much and she's told me a few times "I wish I could stay home and be with you and Mattie all day."  Heartbreaker.  Also, she is SO exhausted and an emotional wreck.  She ends up in a puddle of tears all the time over the silliest things.  It's been exhausting but it has to get better sometime right?

2. Also, she's grown up so much in just a couple weeks.  Jillian loves to wear her shorts to school and almost always wants her hair in a ponytail.  And, she requested some real tennis shoes so we bought these for her.  I seriously don't recognize this girl anymore!

3.  Mattie still misses Jill but is getting used to our days without her.  She loves to dress up and play with all her "friends" and doesn't mind having all my attention at all (let's just hope she doesn't get too used to it!)

4. We went to Bryan's company party on Saturday and in Maryland a company party= crab feast!  There was lots of crab and other delicious food and so many fun activities for the girls.  It was so fun I almost didn't notice how hot and humid and miserable the day was.

5. The girls LOVED the bounce house at the party and ran through it over and over and over.  I wasn't sure Mattie could do it all by herself so Bryan went with her the first time and I was cracking up at how similar their slide poses were.

6. We came home from the party with some extra crab so it wasn't hard to convince Katie and Neal to come eat and watch the BYU vs. Utah game with us.  The game was a disappointment, but the excellent company made up for it.

7. Mattie's nursery teachers are the sweetest couple and she adores them (which is kind of a big deal because Mattie can be pretty picky.)  We are so, so sad that they are moving back to the Philippines this week- we'll miss Brother Lim and Sister Lim so much!

8. It finally cooled off Sunday and I felt like a new person as we went on a walk at the Oregon Ridge Nature Trail.  Never have I looked forward to fall as much as I have this year.

9. Baltimore County is so funny, we have days off of school ALL the time (and you won't hear me complaining at all!)  Monday was a Muslim holiday and Jilly chose to go to the mall for lunch, the play place, and a visit to the Disney store.  We loved having her home for a day!

10. Bryan can always convince the girls to watch biking videos with him if it involves cuddling and staying up past bedtime.  


Seven on Sunday

1. The girls went to an awesome birthday party last Saturday.  Jasmine came and the favorite topic of conversation among all the little girls ever since has been what princess will come to their party.  Here's hoping for a little bit of memory loss.

2. It is very rare for both girls to fall asleep on the couch so it was quite a treat when we all took a nap together last Sunday.  The girls will miss being able to use their baby sister as a pillow!

3. Kindergarten has been quite the adjustment.  Mattie misses Jillian more than I thought she would; she'll often ask me in the middle of the day "Can we go pick up my sister now?"  Jilly always seems happy and excited to go to school; she loves riding on the bus and she's made a new friend named Delaney.  But she's also SO exhausted and emotional, we've had many meltdowns this week.  I hate that she's gone for so long (9-4 every day!) but I must admit, it's pretty easy breezy to just have Mattie around during the day.

4. On Wednesday Bryan called me at 4:30 and asked if I thought I could find a babysitter for that night because he had free Orioles tickets from work.  Miraculously, I did- there was a girl in our ward who hadn't left for college yet and was available.  It was hard to leave Jilly on a school night during the first week of school but so fun to go to the game with Bryan.  The seats were really great and it was a fun and rare mid-week date.

5. We finally went camping this summer!  Our ward campout was Friday night and we had a wonderful time.  The girls ran around with their friends and got super dirty, we roasted hot dogs and made s'mores, and after the girls crashed in the tent Bryan and I stayed up late playing games with friends (and got in trouble for being too rowdy!)  Camping while pregnant wasn't too terrible, Bryan took care of everything.  He bought a new air mattress for me and I was cracking up at my bed (queen size air mattress) next to his little camping pad.  I hardly slept at all but it was worth it; Mattie said "this was the best day ever to go camping!"

6. Bryan made crepes tonight and they were really, really delicious.  New Sunday night tradition perhaps?

7. We heard that this huge sunflower field is in bloom so we headed over this afternoon.  It was magnificent and made me feel that maybe fall is on its way here.


"the purple room"

When we first started talking to the girls about sharing a room last spring Mattie said she wanted a purple room.  Jilly was game, and we thought giving her a purple room would help ease any concern Mattie had over losing her own bedroom to the baby.  

I started looking but had the hardest time finding anything purple that I really liked.  Finally I found this fabric (we actually found it the day we also found out we were having a third girl, it felt like a good omen) and it was a color combination I could work with.  I asked my mother-in-law to make pillowcases with the fabric (because I'm lazy) and she did a wonderful job.  I really searched for purple quilts but couldn't find anything.  These reversible pink comforters were $20 each from Amazon and they're nothing amazing but will be just fine.  We were so lucky that my parents were getting a new queen bed in one bedroom and wanted to get rid of their bunk bed.  My mom and sisters drove it down one day and after I gave it a couple coats of white paint Bryan put it together.  All four of us have had painful collisions between our heads and the bunk but other than that it's been a huge success.

We got this dresser on Craigslist last year and it had been in Mattie's room waiting for some love.  I painted it white with purple ombre drawers and found some really cute "crystal" drawer pulls on Amazon.  I think it looks SO much better and it fits all the girls' clothes (except our vast collection of dresses in the closet) so I'm happy with it.

^ This picture was taken before we set up the bunk bed, now the bunk bed would be the reflection in the mirror!

This is the third house we've set up our trusty old rain gutter bookshelves and I still love them.  

And the other side of the room...complete with an undressing Snow White.  The plan was/is to paint the room a light purple.  But, this paint still looks pretty good and I don't mind the color and we just plain ran out of steam so it's going to stay green for a while.  Every once in a while one of the girls will ask when it will be purple and I just say "sometime soon."  So the "purple room" has turned out to be much more of a pink room, but the girls love the new stuff and love sharing a room so they haven't complained at all about the color, thank goodness!



Back to School

Last Sunday we had a "back to school feast" for Jilly.  We were all pretty tired from our busy weekend (baseball game and Philadelphia) so there was no cute family motto but I did use our fancy china and made a quick tissue paper flower centerpiece.  I let Jilly choose the menu and we had grilled chicken, couscous, watermelon, strawberries, and snicker apple salad.  My friend has made snicker apple salad a couple times this summer for different get-togethers and Jilly LOVES it and kept begging me to make it.  It's green apples and chopped up snickers bars with a vanilla pudding/cool whip dressing so basically dessert disguised as a salad.  We talked about the new school year and Jillian said she was excited "to meet new friends, meet her teacher, and wear her new clothes."  Sounds about right.

On Monday we took one last trip to the Zoo with the Wilsons.  

That night was "Sneak a Peek at your Seat" night at school.  We got to see Jillian's classroom and meet her new teacher.  Jilly was really excited, and it felt so weird for me to be back in an elementary school, but as a parent this time!  We stopped at Subway, Jilly's favorite, on the way home.

Tuesday was our last glorious day of summer and so we went to Annie's Playground, one of our favorite parks, with some friends.  After this hot steamy summer it was finally a really pleasant day.  

Wednesday was the first day of school, but they do gradual entry for kindergarteners so I went with Jilly for just part of the day in the afternoon.  I filled out a lot of paperwork and Jilly got a little tour of the school.  For some reason I came home feeling very overwhelmed and sick about kindergarten in general.  That night was dollar waffle cone night so we went with Bryan after work.  He's been so patient with my constant panic attacks about kindergarten and so good at helping us celebrate this week.  

Jillian didn't have any school on Thursday, the other half of the class was going for their orientation day with parents.  All summer we had been wanting to meet up with Bryan for lunch and this was the day it finally worked out.  Now that he works downtown it's a little trickier to get down there but there are some fun places to eat close to his office.  (And I'm just now realizing that this week was all about special food treats.)  

Friday was the big day!  Jillian got to ride the bus and go to school all by herself.  I was a complete wreck, crying all morning.  I'm just so sad that she'll be gone for so much of the day now!  I could tell she was nervous, but Jillian was very brave and also so excited.  She put on her new dress and the new locket we gave her and we loaded up her backpack.  When we went out to take pictures I was only getting a nervous smile from Jilly til I employed Mattie to make funny faces and then I got the famous Jilly grin.  When the bus came Jilly climbed right on and sat by our sweet neighbor who's in second grade.  A few minutes after the bus left Mattie told me "I miss my sister."  I missed her too.

My friend Natalie also has a kindergartener and she was just as sad as I was so she invited a few of our friends over for a morning dessert party.  I should have taken a picture of the spread- we had cheesecake, oreos, chocolate croissants, chocolate cookies, shortbread cookies, and a delicious peach dessert.  It was fun to be together and we ate a ridiculous amount of desserts at 9:30 in the morning.  After that I went to a lunch the school sponsored for kindergarten parents.  I felt so much more comfortable at the school than I had on Wednesday; they answered questions and I got to meet a lot of the other parents which was nice.  Friday was a half day for the kindergarteners so right after the lunch at 1 we got to bring our kids home- hooray!  Jilly seemed a little dazed from all the newness but said she had a good day.  That night Bryan went camping with the young men so we had a cozy girls' movie night with mac n cheese, apples, and popcorn for dinner.  It was nice to have a chill night at home after all the excitement of the week.  

I'm still not thrilled about kindergarten- I hate how much of the day she'll be gone and I'm sad that we'll have school governing our schedule for the next 20 years.  But, I love to see how excited Jillian is and I know she'll learn and grow so much.  And, I have to admit, I will enjoy having just Mattie at home, at least for these next six weeks!


Summer Bucket List

We spent our last full week of summer checking off our summer list, getting ready for school, and having lots of fun.  First was dental appointments and haircuts for the girls.  Both girls are in the No Cavities Club and Mattie got an awesome prize since she had given up her pacifier since our last visit.  The girls did a great job during their haircuts too.  It was Jilly's first cut in a year and Mattie's first ever so it's really nice that they both finally have fresh ends.  We stopped at Sonic for Happy Hour slushes and a cherry limeade on the way home, something I'd been wanting to do all summer!

We met up with Katie and Joey at Ikea for lunch and shopping one day.

And we got down all the baby clothes from the attic; I can't believe how tiny they are!  The girls are so, so excited for their little sister and they loved getting out their old clothes for her.

I finished painting the girls' bunk beds and Bryan got them all set up!  Mattie is still adjusting to sleeping in the bed (specifically the sleeping part) but luckily the crib is still vacant so she can sleep in there when she's having a hard time going to sleep and keeping Jilly up.

The Wilsons had the best idea to ride the light rail up to Chick fil A for lunch one day.  We hadn't ever been on the light rail and we always love Chick fil A so it was a real treat.

And Friday was Mormon Night at the Orioles game, it was so fun to be there with so many of our friends.  Mattie begged us for cotton candy but it turns out none of us really like it that much, haha.  And we made it to the end of the game and got to see fireworks!  Mattie was so exhausted, she fell asleep in Bryan's arms as we walked back to the car.

If I'm being honest, I really wore myself out these past couple weeks.  I hate not being able to do everything I want to do so I've ended most days exhausted and very sore.  It didn't help that Bryan was super busy at work all last week and wasn't around very much at all.  It's probably a good thing though because I'm finally looking forward to Jilly being in school and having things slow down a bit!  We still have a few things to check off on our Summer Bucket list and we have plans to do most of them in September, but I've come to grips that we're not going to do everything (like riding a roller coaster?  Not happening.  It has been WAY too hot to go to an amusement park.)  We had a very full and fun summer and I think I'm finally ready to move on into fall.