Super Saturday

Baltimore is such an exciting place to live.  There are so many fun things to do close by, and then a million amazing places to visit just a few hours away.  (NYC, we're coming for you!)  And we have suddenly found ourselves not spending every Saturday wandering Home Depot/ doing house projects (the joy of renting!)  So we've made an effort to use our Saturdays well.  Last Saturday I had a baby shower to go to so we didn't have a ton of time but we found a little hike to Kilgore Falls about 45 minutes away.  The weather was perfect, the hike was nice and easy, and we all had a great time.

^We read that Kilgore Falls is the second tallest waterfall in the state to which Bryan said, "So Maryland isn't exactly known for its waterfalls."

^ mini camelback for the win 

^ at first Mattie was content eating trail mix with me, but then she decided she wanted in on the fun (Bryan and Jilly were playing in the freeeeezing water.) 

^ no chance of losing Rainbow Bright out in the wilderness 

^View at the top of the falls, I was hyperventilating just a bit that one or all of us were going to fall down it


five on friday

one- Sunday evening popcorn has become a weekly tradition around here, and having a backyard only makes it sweeter.

two-  Does every Target have this dancing princess display? It has princess barbies and when you choose a princess it spins around to show that princess, plays her song and shows scenes from her movie.  It is a HUGE HIT with the Martinez girls. 

three- The girls and I headed down to Richmond to see my family for a few days this week.  We shopped, went to a Splash Pad, swam at the pool, watched Lost, went to the Richmond Zoo, played in the backyard, and took the chance to tickle the ivories.  

four- While at the pool Jilly discovered she could stand in the 3ft area.  An exciting development for sure.

five- We had the greatest time at the zoo.  The animals were all so close and easy to see; Mattie especially would get so excited.  We also got to feed the giraffes which was kind of slimy and cool.


I love you Baltimore

Will the Hairspray references ever get old?  I would say no, but Bryan most likely would disagree.  I even caught Jilly singing "Good Morning Baltimore!" this morning so I'd say my work here is done.

On Saturday we headed to Baltimore's Inner Harbor for the afternoon.  Bryan and I went about 6 years ago with my family, and it was so fun to take our girls this time to explore our new city.

 First stop: Carousel.  We think Mattie liked it, but her expression remained stoic the whole ride.

We walked pretty much the entire harbor from one end to the other.  There were lots of shops, boats, and great people-watching; there was an anime convention that weekend so tons of people were dressed up- some fun, some scary, and some that forced us to cover the girls' eyes.  We checked out the lighthouse, which was quite small but neat to see (and free!)  

After walking and walking and walking we took a break at Barnes & Noble and let the girls play while we enjoyed the A/C.  Then we got a ginormous and delicious waffle bowl of ice cream to share.

Lastly we let the girls play in the Splash Pad.  We hadn't brought swimsuits and at first Jilly was very hesitant to get her dress wet but eventually she just went for it and loved it.  Mattie wasn't quite as crazy and brave, but she definitely got splashed.

We stripped off their soaking dresses and took our happy, wet girls home.  We have many more Baltimore adventures to come I'm sure.


Jilly lately

Moving with kids is an interesting thing.  For the most part, it's a huge pain.  But also in the past few months Jilly has provided much needed distraction and comic relief- she's given me good reason to take lots of fun breaks.  We definitely drive each other crazy at times, but for the most part she's my best little friend.  Some things I want to remember about Jilly at 3 and 3/4:

+ She has become a coloring fiend.  We keep crayons and paper/coloring books out on her little table and I find her there all the time.  She's constantly finishing masterpieces and begging to hang them on the wall in the basement.


+ She's also taken a great interest in writing.  She often asks how to spell people's names and we practice together.  One day she had been practicing letters and also trying to draw a heart and she became very frustrated.  Every time she'd start again she'd give herself a little pep talk "Okay, this time I'm going to do it."  It was quite darling.

+ Jilly is, as ever, a terrible sleeper.  She wakes up regularly in the middle of the night and begs to sleep with us, which ends up in a sleepless night for 2/3 of us in the bed.  Recently I came up with a solution to make her a little bed on the floor in our room.  She goes to sleep in her bed, but if she wakes up she'll come in and I'll lay a blanket on the (hardwood) floor for her to sleep on.  It looks horribly uncomfortable but one day she told me, "I love my nice, cozy bed on your floor!"  Whatever you say crazy pants.

+ Jilly's hair is her pride and joy.  One day Bryan told her "Jilly, your hair is so straight today." and she said "Thank you Daddy!"  Her goal is to one day have Rapunzel hair- and my goal is to convince her to let me brush it at least every other day.

+ She is constantly singing- princess songs, primary songs, nursery rhymes, and songs she makes up on the spot.  It's kind of fun to have a constant soundtrack, but can be very noisy at times.

(Bryan made this shirt when he was little)

+ Jilly's been a cute little mommy lately, she loves taking care of her babies.


a great day

Moving to a new city can be lonely.  The girls and I have tried to stay busy, but we just don't know many people and so we've gotten a little bored of each other.  Lucky for us, my mom and siblings were planning to go to the Washington D.C. Temple on Tuesday.  We met up with them and spent the rest of the afternoon together.  It was definitely the highlight of our week.

Jilly was so excited to see Tyler.  She ran into his arms and wouldn't let go for a while.

We went to Wheaton Regional Park and rode the train,

played on the playground,

and rode the Carousel

Wheaton also had some beautiful gardens, but I guess I forgot to take any pictures (it was hot and Jilly was tired so I agreed to carry her on my back which made it extra hot.)  We got some dinner then headed our separate ways.  We're so lucky to live close enough that we can meet up with my family for the afternoon.