Summer Bucket List

We spent our last full week of summer checking off our summer list, getting ready for school, and having lots of fun.  First was dental appointments and haircuts for the girls.  Both girls are in the No Cavities Club and Mattie got an awesome prize since she had given up her pacifier since our last visit.  The girls did a great job during their haircuts too.  It was Jilly's first cut in a year and Mattie's first ever so it's really nice that they both finally have fresh ends.  We stopped at Sonic for Happy Hour slushes and a cherry limeade on the way home, something I'd been wanting to do all summer!

We met up with Katie and Joey at Ikea for lunch and shopping one day.

And we got down all the baby clothes from the attic; I can't believe how tiny they are!  The girls are so, so excited for their little sister and they loved getting out their old clothes for her.

I finished painting the girls' bunk beds and Bryan got them all set up!  Mattie is still adjusting to sleeping in the bed (specifically the sleeping part) but luckily the crib is still vacant so she can sleep in there when she's having a hard time going to sleep and keeping Jilly up.

The Wilsons had the best idea to ride the light rail up to Chick fil A for lunch one day.  We hadn't ever been on the light rail and we always love Chick fil A so it was a real treat.

And Friday was Mormon Night at the Orioles game, it was so fun to be there with so many of our friends.  Mattie begged us for cotton candy but it turns out none of us really like it that much, haha.  And we made it to the end of the game and got to see fireworks!  Mattie was so exhausted, she fell asleep in Bryan's arms as we walked back to the car.

If I'm being honest, I really wore myself out these past couple weeks.  I hate not being able to do everything I want to do so I've ended most days exhausted and very sore.  It didn't help that Bryan was super busy at work all last week and wasn't around very much at all.  It's probably a good thing though because I'm finally looking forward to Jilly being in school and having things slow down a bit!  We still have a few things to check off on our Summer Bucket list and we have plans to do most of them in September, but I've come to grips that we're not going to do everything (like riding a roller coaster?  Not happening.  It has been WAY too hot to go to an amusement park.)  We had a very full and fun summer and I think I'm finally ready to move on into fall.


Brotherly Love

We've been so excited to go to the Open House for the Philadelphia Temple.  We hadn't really figured out our August plans so I put off getting tickets (it's free, but they ask you to reserve a time) then one day a couple weeks ago I was talking to a friend about it and decided I needed to come right home and get tickets.  When I got online there were exactly four tickets left on a Saturday all month and it was the day and time that we were hoping to go.  What luck!

We left first thing Saturday morning and got there early enough to walk around for a bit and see a few sites- the Rocky steps at the Museum of Art, a fountain (can't remember the name), a beautiful library, and the Academy of Natural Sciences.  At 11 we walked over to the temple for our tour.  It was so fun to take our girls through the temple.  And this temple is gorgeous- I especially loved all the colonial architecture and the girls of course loved the sparkly chandeliers.  

After the temple we were starving and there's really only one option for lunch in Philly; we went to Pat's for cheesesteaks.  You have to learn the correct way to order then you have to order fast or they will yell at you (I may be speaking from experience.)  I ordered "one without provolone" which means one sandwich, without onions, provolone cheese.  Our sandwiches were delicious and gone way too fast.  Geno's is another famous place that is right across the street so we decided we needed the full experience and got one more sandwich from Geno's to share.  This time we got "one with whiz" which means with onions and cheese whiz.  The thought of the cheese whiz kind of grossed me out, but it really didn't taste bad.  While Bryan was in line getting our sandwich Mattie fell off the bench right on her head.  It made a loud thunk and I was really worried about her for a few minutes.  But she perked up and benefitted from a nice cold sip of my Coke.  Check out how sweaty her hair was, it was SO SO SO hot!

At this point we were pretty tired (did I mention it was hot?) so we kind of did a quick driving tour of Philly.  We drove by the liberty bell and Independence Hall and waved, we'll definitely have to go back another day to really see the historic sites.  We ended our day at Dilworth Park, where the Love statue is located as well as City Hall and a splash pad.  The girls had a great time splashing around for a bit then slept the whole two-hour drive home.  It was a fun day, and especially great to go inside the temple all together. 


Seven on Sunday

1. Nana sent this dress to Jilly and I think she totally looks like a kindergartener.  She told me today "I'm mostly excited for kindergarten, but just a little bit scared."  I of course didn't tell her that I'm mostly sad about kindergarten but just a little bit excited.  One more full week of summer bliss.

2. I made the mistake of grabbing a Junie B. Jones audiobook at the library and now my girls are obsessed.  And Junie B. is terribly annoying if you're over the age of 5.  One of my top goals this week is to get to the library and get a new audiobook for them.  Also, new books for me because I've been in a terrible sad reading slump this summer.  Boo.

3. "One day you girls will choose your ice cream based on flavor instead of color" - Bryan 

4. I love Mattie's Olympics commentary.  While watching gymnastics "I like the fourth of July girls" and during beach volleyball "I can see those girls' red undies!"

5. Speaking of Olympics, Bryan made another Brazilian dessert- Pudim, which is Brazilian flan and tastes delicious.

6.  We're sloooowly ticking away at our "Things to do before baby" list.  Slowly mostly because there are too many fun things to do in the summer and we have plenty of time left.  We're about 90% done with all our bedroom makeovers and for some reason we're really struggling with that last 10%.  I need to channel my inner Joanna Gaines.

7. We took a little day trip yesterday to Rehoboth Beach.  We underestimated traffic and left later than we'd meant to so it was a LONG drive but still a fun day together.  We played in the water and built sand castles and ended the day on the boardwalk with beach fries and pizza.  I grew up going to Rehoboth Beach with my family but hadn't been back in over 10 years.  It was so fun to take my girls and to eat my favorite french fries on the planet. 


More Summer Fun

We've been wanting to try out the dragon paddle boats in the harbor and since there is a strict 4 person rule (and no babies under 2) we knew we needed to go this summer.  One Friday night we headed downtown.  We stopped at a pizza place Bryan's coworkers had recommended (delicious pizza, but I think next time we'd get takeout, it wasn't in the nicest part of town) then we took a fun little ride on the paddle boat.  I snapped this funny picture of Mattie; she really did have fun, but I think she was getting tired.

Fun at home:  Mattie with a baby in her tummy, Bryan made the girls a boat from an Amazon box, and early morning scooter rides (before it gets too hot for me!)

Bryan and I met my parents, Katie and Neal, and Leslie at the temple one night.  It was really great to be there all together, and the temple is closed for cleaning from now until the end of September so this was our last time going for a while.  

We have the best babysitter ever, it's so wonderful to be able to leave and know the girls are well taken care of and so happy.  She did this scavenger hunt with the girls and they had a dance party, played dress-up, and she let them do her hair (so nice!)  It helps that she has four brothers, so I think she enjoys some girl time at our house.

A visit to the aquarium and Shake Shack with friends.  Lauren is also having a baby girl this fall.

Mattie fell asleep in the car on the way home from the aquarium but we really needed to stop at the grocery store.  I couldn't get her to wake up so I grabbed the picnic blanket from our trunk and let her sleep in the cart.  

A fun and quick visit from Gigi, Leslie, and Bethany.  We went down to Washington D.C. and visited the National Museum of American History (the girls LOVED the first ladies' dresses) and the United States Botanical Garden.  My Supermom pushed both girls in the stroller with two flat tires.  

The girls slept the whole way home from D.C. which was good because we had promised to take them to watch Zootopia at a nearby mall that does outdoor movies.  They both made it through the movie and I was exhausted when we finally tucked the girls into bed at 10:45.

On Saturday morning I went to a baby shower and Bryan took the girls to a birthday party.  When I met them at the birthday party I found that Bryan and Jilly had decided to be twinners!

On Saturday evening we took dinner to a park that had a river to play in.  

We went to the splash pad in the harbor with some new friends.  Within about 2 minutes of meeting each other these girls were holding hands walking through the city.  Five-year-olds are the best.

Bryan made a Brazilian treat called brigadeiro in honor of the Olympics.  It was delicious and we love cheering on the USA.


Goodbye July

Some friends gave us this picnic table their kids have outgrown and it's gotten a lot of use already.

Freshly bathed after a day at the beach and wearing new dresses Nana sent.

Lots of house projects means LOTS of trips to Lowes.  Good thing these girls love it there.

They have free Friday night concerts in downtown Towson.  This was our first time going and it was a great night- the girls loved dancing to the 80s revival band.

Our first anniversary of living in our house!

We found out a few months ago that Jillian has some hearing loss in her right ear.  This can be a symptom of some other health concerns so her ENT had us do a ton of testing.  Among other things she had an EKG, a CT scan, and an abdominal ultrasound.  It was many weeks filled with many doctor's appointments and through it all Jilly was happy and delightful and I tried (and didn't always succeed) to be calm.  We recently went back to the ENT to get all the results and besides the hearing loss (that hasn't affected her at all thus far so it will just be monitored) she is perfectly healthy.  Hooray!  

I'm knocking on every tree in the forest right now but lately the girls have played SO well together.  They wake up in the morning excited to go downstairs to play family or legos or doctor or princess.  They certainly have fights, but for the most part they really love playing together and can play for hours.

A fun visit to Storyville.  It's a library/mini Children's Museum that is only for kids 5 and under so this may have been Jilly's last time there!

Each week for family night Mattie runs to grab a pencil to lead us while we sing the opening song.  It's one of my favorite parts of the whole week.

This is big news.  Jilly came home from California talking about Kirra's cute outfits and asked if we could get her some shorts.  I rushed her off to the store before she could change her mind and she looks darling (and so grown up!) in her new shorts.

This has been a hot, steamy July and ice cream has been one of our favorite ways to cool off.

Another Saturday at Lowes

For Father's Day I let the girls choose a tie for Bryan.  Mattie insisted on this striped/polka dotted beauty and I thought I could get it then return it another day.  But of course she never forgot about the tie and was so excited to give it to Bry then beg him every Sunday to wear it.  It makes her SO happy when he wears it.  

We had a fun singing time on Pioneer Day and the girls had fun dressing up in bonnets at home.

Bryan being snarky after I was being lazy and asking him to look up a bunch of things for me

The girls completed their summer reading charts and were excited to go to the library to get their prizes.  Last year they got coupons for free pizza and cupcakes, a new book, and a toy.  And this year the only prize was a little squirting turtle.  I think I was probably the one that was most disappointed.  But we still got a picture with the creepy cat(?) mascot.

Another fun beach day with friends.  I love how well these kids get along- makes it easy to sit and talk to my friends while they all play.  

School supply shopping- I was dying for a fresh pack of markers and some blank notebooks of my own!  We have 3.5 weeks til school starts and I'm planning to soak as much summer fun out of those days as I possibly can!