May 2017

We took Olivia to the pet store for the first time.  She was fascinated by this little hamster.  

I got to go help with Kindergarten Tie Dye day. I love seeing Jilly at school, this Spring she really blossomed there and was so happy and confident.  And, after this day she has a major obsession with tie dye

Ballet Recital, we about died of all the cuteness!

I danced to "Jolly Holiday" when I was little and Jilly danced to the same song this year!

Mattie wanted a Rainbow Unicorn party for her birthday.  We had lots of fun with a few of her cute friends.

We decorated "unicorn horns", played pin the horn on the unicorn, danced with rainbow streamers, and ate lunch

Mattie loved this jewelry box she got and told me she was going to sleep this way

Roly poly Livvy got all the way from the blanket to the middle of the floor without me realizing!

 Mattie wanted some shorts and I just love these ones we found

Kissing that cute baby in the mirror 

Mother's Day, Bryan and the girls spoiled me!

It always makes me laugh how quickly he can fall asleep

Birthday pancake on Mattie's real birthday

Our new 4 year old!

 I picked Jilly up from school and we all had McDonalds at the park for dinner then came home to eat the cake that Bryan had decorated for her.  

Baby's first chick-fil-A, a big milestone in our family

Bryan and I went on a date to Bertha's in Fell's Point.  I tried mussels (which I didn't really like) but the crabcake was delicious, and it was so fun to be out together on such a nice night

We love going on Saturday hikes

I have no clue where she learned about them but Mattie loves Shopkins and was so happy to spend some of her birthday money on some.

Livvy doing the plank, I love this stage!

We went down to Richmond for Memorial Day and Mattie was over the moon when Gigi had a matching outfit

Miniature golf- safe to say we need a little more practice

Mom did a seafood boil and it was so so delicious, even better because we waited to eat til after the girls were in bed!

I think this was a well-check for someone but we've spent plenty of time at the doctor this winter/spring.  Our pediatrician calls the girls her "favorite trio of girl power"