Day One

This morning my little breadwinner left for his first day of work.  I'm getting lots of mom experience as I coerce him into taking all these pictures, my kids will be so glad that I've already mastered the talent.

Meanwhile I'm having my first day as a real housewife and I have plenty to do.  But, I'm finding it difficult to tackle this:

when I have such a perfect distraction like this:


Warm Welcome

We've only been here for a few days, but people seem to be very friendly.  We've met the neighbors on either side of us, and they're both named Steve, which is oh so convenient for us.  Everyone we've bought furniture from has been friendly as well, but that's probably because we were giving them money.  But today we met the friendliest person of all.  We were at a stop light and the lady next to us was staring at us so I smiled.  Then she rolled down her window so I rolled down mine.  She said to Bryan, "You look just like Barack Obama.  Do people tell you that all the time?"  We told her we had never heard that before.  Luckily the light turned green and we went our separate directions so the lady didn't see me laughing hysterically at her.  So many questions-  Has she ever seen Barack Obama?  Does she know that he's black?  Is she completely off her rocker?  Not sure, but she did give us a good laugh today.

What do you think?


We Made It!

My sister wanted us to listen to "California Gurls" the whole way here, but Bryan vetoed the idea.  Despite the fact that I have not worn daisy dukes or a bikini on top (trust me, not a good idea right now) I am indeed now a California Girl.

I survived this move because of 3 things:

They seriously are magic and clean everything.  This is basically all I used when cleaning the apartment.


We are totally behind the times with this one, but due to Wii streaming we have become addicted to Lost.  Bryan has seen a lot of it before, but it's my first time and I'm basically obsessed.  I spend all day stressing about my own problems and then at night I can relax and be grateful I don't have any of their problems.

(He will kill me for putting this picture up, but it's the first picture I found of him by himself.)  
Bryan is truly amazing.  He packed, loaded, cleaned, drove, unloaded, then unpacked.  He has been so patient and helpful while I've been mostly grouchy and unhelpful.  What a guy.


Moving Day

Two weeks ago our apartment looked like this:

We had my whole family (except Dad) sleep over.  It was a little crowded but very fun.

Tonight our apartment looks like this:

I liked it a lot better before.


Showered in Pink

When Bryan and I were planning our wedding, people would ask me what our colors were and I would say "pink."  "Anything else?" they'd inevitably ask and I'd answer again, "just pink."  And, if you ask me it turned out perfectly; I loved all the pink at our wedding.

I am tickled that thanks to generous family and friends our daughter will also be covered in pink:

When my family was here they had a shower for me at Paradise Bakery.  It was fun to be with my sisters and to get motherly advice from all of my aunts and my grandma.

Then, Shauna and Anna had a shower for me last weekend with the most adorable invitations, delicious food, and fun activity.  We decorated onesies, which was immensely more fun than playing games and gave me 8 adorable, hand-made onesies!

Shauna posted more pictures here

We have the best friends here in Provo, it's hard to imagine leaving them in just a few days.  To say I'm sad about it would be an extreme understatement.  But, we're also excited to move on.


Master Bryan

This weekend Bryan received his Master's Degree in Civil Engineering.  We enjoyed celebrating with Bryan's parents and my whole family.  I'm so proud of Bryan's hard work, and so excited for no more homework!!

We figured out that Tyler will graduate from high school in 2020- just 10 years to go!  

With Rob and Anna

Two BYU alumni and a future Cougar


Diaper Bag

My wonderful aunts chipped in to get me a diaper bag.  I've been looking forward to this for a long time.  I love looking at diaper bags, and I really am excited to go Mary Poppins style and carry around a huge bag that has everything I could ever need.  (Yes, I know I'll get sick of a diaper bag very quickly, but for now it's still exciting.)

But now I have to make a choice:

Sittin' in a Tree

or Imperial Toile

Which Should I Choose???

(I just realized that the brown one looks a lot bigger in these pictures, but they are the exact same size)