Whirlwind Weekend in Utah

So... we went to Utah a few weekends ago and I'm just now getting around to posting about it.  It was a quick but wonderful trip.  It started with a loooooong drive.  Don't worry, Jilly only drove for a couple hours. 
 The girls were awesome- we left at 3pm so by 9 they were both out for the night and with a few Dr. Peppers, some snacks, and a great book it was smooth sailing.

After a few hours of sleep we were ready to hit the Beehive State.  First we stopped to see my cousin.  Her darling twin boys are 20 months old but I hadn't seen them yet.  We had so much fun catching up, and looking at this (blurry) picture it's clear we've really grown up and have our hands full!
 Next we went down to "The BYU" as Jilly calls it to see my sister Jenn.  We got Cafe Rio for lunch then had some time to walk around campus.  I love that place so much and was thrilled to be back with our girls (even if it made us feel ancient.)
 I went into near-panic mode when I didn't see the Tree of Life Statue.  Doesn't BYU know they can't move things around without alumni permission?  Luckily we found it.
 Bryan spent many many many many hours in the Clyde Building.

 We met up with Chad and Kylie once they finished class/work and went with them to the race expo to pick up the guys' packets.  Then we got some dinner and headed home so they could get lots of rest before the big day.
Bryan had to leave for the race at 3:30am so he could catch a shuttle to the starting point up Big Cottonwood Canyon.  Here are Chad, Bry, and Jeff waiting in the cold.
 While Bryan started running we hung out at my Grandma's house.  I loved these toys when I was little and it's so wild to see Jilly playing with them now.
 We met up with Kylie at Mile 23 to cheer the guys on.  It was great because Bryan wasn't expecting us at all, and I think it gave him a little boost to get through those last 3.2 miles.  Right after we saw Bryan we piled in the car and drove to the finish line and were able to see his triumphant finish.  It was so, so exciting!

So glad to be done!
The rest of the day we just hung out at my Grandma's house and let Bryan rest.  My wonderful roommate Britney stopped by, we always love to see her.  And my mom got back from dropping my sister off at BYU-I; we were thrilled that our visits to Utah coincided.  That night we went out to eat with Jeff, Chad, and Kylie- the boys savored every bite of their dinner.  (So did I, even though I didn't have any pre-burned calories to enjoy.)

Sunday was another busy day.  We went to visit my Grana Anderson in the morning.  
 Then we went to church and had dinner at my Aunt Diane's house with most of my mom's side of the family.  Mattie was happily passed around and Jilly loved playing with all my cute cousins.

On Monday we packed up, said goodbye, and made the awful trip home.  If only Nevada wasn't so big, we'd go to Utah much more often!


friday five

1.  Jillian has now worn pants three times this week.  Leggings to be more exact, jeans are still not permitted on this cute little body.

2.  We got a Halloween Costume advertisement in the mail and I gave it to Jilly to look through.  Now the girl is obsessed.  She spends hours looking through it and picks a new costume every 4.75 seconds.  Help me Rhonda.

3.  I usually make myself wait til October 1st to put up Halloween decorations but this year I suppose I'm feeling extra festive because Jilly and I had a blast decking the halls this week. We made a new bat garland using this tutorial.
4.  Mattie had her four month checkup this week- 50% for weight, 51% for height, and practically perfect in every way.

5. This morning Bryan said "Tonight is pizza night, right?"  I inwardly groaned and told Bryan I didn't think I had the energy to make pizza tonight (busy week has left me with a messsssy house.)  Then he clarified, "No, we can use our Papa John's groupon."  Those eight words have brought me immense amounts of joy all day long.  

Happy Friday!


Dad's visit

My Dad came last weekend so he could be here for Mattie's blessing.  We LOVED having him visit, and did some fun things while he was here.  On Saturday morning Dad and I went on a run.  Not the brightest idea to go running with your marathon-running dad when you're not in tip top condition.  I needed a break so we started walking til Jilly started trash-talking me from the stroller "Mommy, why are we going so slow?"

Next we went to the Zoo.  I had been watching the weather all week and I knew that rain was a possibility, but it was supposed to only sprinkle.  Well, after about 30 minutes of enjoying the animals it started to pour.  We were near a covered area so we took shelter and ate overpriced zoo food while we waited.  Eventually we decided the rain wasn't stopping so we got out our umbrellas and saw the rest of the animals in the downpour.  Perhaps not our best Zoo day, but memorable nonetheless.

when the storm first arrived the animals went kind of nutso, I had never seen a giraffe run and it was so crazy to watch

her first time wearing pants since February

Luckily the Carousel was covered

After thawing out, taking naps, and watching some football we went out to eat.

We got all decked out to cheer on our Cougars, but we won't talk about how that ended...

Sunday was the blessing; we had a great day celebrating our Mattie girl.  Then on Monday we went to the park before taking Dad to the airport.  We were all sad to see him go


Blessing Day

Our dear, sweet Mattie Claire was blessed yesterday.  It was a great day and Bryan gave her a lovely blessing.  Because of our crazy summer we couldn't find a good Sunday to bless her until now.  I was  worried that she would be fussy since she's older and more particular now, but she was sweet as ever.
Papa and Nana, Grandpa, Aunt Ronna, and Grandma and Grandpa Martinez were there
 Love these three people of mine so so much


five things

1. At 5am on Thursday I found Jilly standing next to my bed.  "Mommy, I NEED a Dora bandaid."  This was the seventh time I had been wakened since retiring at midnight and I was not happy.  I stumbled to the hall closet and got a bandaid for the invisible wound then not very nicely said, "I am going to be a very, very mean mom if you do not stay quiet for the next two hours and let me sleep."  It should shock no one that Jilly insisted on getting in bed with us.  I left under the pretense of checking on Mattie and found a safe haven in Jilly's bed where I got my last two peaceful hours of sleep.  (In her defense, Jilly wasn't the only reason for my unrestful night, Mattie and a dying battery in a smoke alarm were also culprits.)

2. When Bryan got home Tuesday night he could tell I needed a little breather (very astute man) so he sent me off to the store alone.  When I came home both girls had freshly painted blue nails.  I think all the girliness in our house is finally getting to him!

3.  We used to go to the grocery store early in the morning with all the other moms and kids.  But Jilly naps later (if at all) now and Mattie likes her beauty rest in the mornings so we often don't make it til closer to noon.  Turns out, this is when all the elderly folks do their shopping which is very advantageous when your two year old likes to gallop down the aisles waving her arms and singing "I'm flapping my wings!"  The kind elderly folks all smile and tell me how cute she is, and I'm sure they're counting their lucky stars that they don't have to take her home with them.

4.  After a lovely fall weekend in Utah I complained to Bryan, "I'm not ready to go back to summer."  But Sacramento surprised me with beautiful fall-ish weather this week that we have been basking in.  Pleasepleaseplease let it be here to stay.

5.  I read this excellent talk this week. I love the idea that we all need daily bread to keep us going.  There's also a video here that has highlights from the talk.

Happy Weekend!  We have an excellent weekend that includes a visit from my Dad!


Mattie: four months

This month Mattie has turned into a roly poly, found her feet, started sticking out her tongue, and become quite the giggler. 

She's also driven with us 1500+ miles, moved into her own bedroom, had her first cold and her first fall (which was awful.)  

I am absolutely smitten with this baby.


five on friday

one- If you look up "furrowed brow" in the dictionary I can guarantee that you'll find this picture.

two- We're taking a quicky quick trip to Utah this weekend and I feel like I've become a pro at packing up our girls and our car.  Bryan would disagree, to him pro = less stuff.  To me pro = better at fitting more stuff.

three- Mattie slept through the night on Wednesday.  Cue the choir of heavenly hosts.

four- I framed my favorite picture of Bryan and Jilly for her room but I felt like something was missing.  One sheet of glitter paper later and we had a success.  Bryan has, thus far, remained mute on his feelings about his picture being sparklified.

five- This week I bought the Princess Aurora dress-up that Jilly has been dying to have and I told her she could have it when she gives up her paci.  So, I expect her to maybe get the dress by her 16th birthday.  Wish us luck.


Mattie's Nursery

Mattie's room is my very favorite in the house.  It seldom gets very messy, and it just feels like a happy, peaceful place to me.  Mattie actually just started sleeping in her own room this week so I thought I would share it.  (On a side note, when do you move your baby into his/her own room?  Jilly was 2 months, but we waited til Mattie was almost 4 months.)
When I was at Lowe's buying paint for Mattie's room the cashier asked if I was painting the baby's room.  Joking, I said, "yes, how did you know? (I was quite pregnant at the time.)  He said, "well, you're obviously pregnant and buying baby blue paint."  Little did he know the baby blue paint was for my baby girl's room.  
The bottom shelf of the changing table broke not because of the vastness of our pink blanket collection, but now they all fit so I suppose it was meant to be.  Also, we have changed a diaper here exactly never; I just much prefer to change diapers on a blanket on the floor.
My friend Sara Beth made this lovely quilt for Jilly who then passed it down to Mattie girl.  

Mattie's Nana made this quilt and it fits the room perfectly

I think she likes it!