Mattie's Nursery

Mattie's room is my very favorite in the house.  It seldom gets very messy, and it just feels like a happy, peaceful place to me.  Mattie actually just started sleeping in her own room this week so I thought I would share it.  (On a side note, when do you move your baby into his/her own room?  Jilly was 2 months, but we waited til Mattie was almost 4 months.)
When I was at Lowe's buying paint for Mattie's room the cashier asked if I was painting the baby's room.  Joking, I said, "yes, how did you know? (I was quite pregnant at the time.)  He said, "well, you're obviously pregnant and buying baby blue paint."  Little did he know the baby blue paint was for my baby girl's room.  
The bottom shelf of the changing table broke not because of the vastness of our pink blanket collection, but now they all fit so I suppose it was meant to be.  Also, we have changed a diaper here exactly never; I just much prefer to change diapers on a blanket on the floor.
My friend Sara Beth made this lovely quilt for Jilly who then passed it down to Mattie girl.  

Mattie's Nana made this quilt and it fits the room perfectly

I think she likes it!


Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

That matchy card you have me has officially already been located to miles' room. I still love it! :) I totally love Mattie's room.

Christina (Cha) said...

I love it!! It looks so good and makes me want to just lay in it. Someday when we have money, I will hire you to decorate my house.

The Daytons said...

So cute I love it! So funny, with each child they have stayed in our room longer and longer, weird huh? So, Owen was out between a month and 2 months, Benson I guess technically was a different story since he had his own room(decorated and all) in our walk in closet cause I wasn't about to put him with Owen and Jovie moved at 6.5 months:) haha, I guess I've just gotten better at sleeping through all the funny baby noises they make while sleeping cause I remember that was why Owen moved out so quickly, he was too noisy and I wasn't getting any sleep!