Labor Day Weekend: the full recap

Bryan took Jilly in the stroller while he ran and I . . .  can't remember what I did (probably along the lines of clean or read or work on some project.)  We tried to watch the BYU game but it was delayed and delayed again.  Jilly and I also ran to Target because almost everything in the Dollar Spot was 50% off and the only thing better than $1 is $.50

In the afternoon we left for Oakland to go to an A's baseball game with Bryan's parents, Chad & Kylie, and Jeff.  Jilly had been talking about the baseball game and fireworks all morning, she was so excited.  We had a great time- munching on snacks, witnessing an almost-fight, cheering, and watching crazy Jilly dance around.

After the game they let us go down on the field to watch the fireworks show.  It was awesome- the fireworks were so close and so loud.

Bryan was gone most of the morning at church meetings, and the girls and I got ready (in matching dresses no less.)  We skyped with my family then went to church.  Jilly had a cold and I didn't think her drippy nose would be very welcome in nursery.  After Sacrament Meeting, Bryan said "do you want to break the news to her or should I?"  She had a complete meltdown with lots of tears and lots of wails "I want to go to nuuursery."  It was fun.  To appease our sad girl and to see Chad and Kylie one last time we headed to Oakley.  We had a delicious dinner and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon.

I kind of woke up at 6:30 when Bryan left for his run but didn't fully wake up til Jilly got up at almost 8:00 (miracle!)  Getting to sleep in plus waking up to a surprise thunderstorm put me in a great mood.  I decided to make Janssen's perfect pancakes.  And the good mood ended there.  Jilly decided that holding the measuring spoon over the bowl while I pour the liquid ingredients was no longer an acceptable way to help.  She had to pour the ingredients all by herself and you can imagine how successful that was.  Then Mattie got fussy so I cleaned up Jilly's mess and started cooking pancakes one handed.  I gave Jilly a pancake then got distracted when my phone rang (Bryan hurt his knee and wanted me to pick him up.)  When I turned around Jilly had created this masterpiece:

And in the few seconds it took me to put Mattie in her car seat Jilly was splashing in that pool of syrup. So I put Sticky Hands and her baby sister in the car and we picked up Bryan then finished eating the pancakes (they were delicious.)

The rest of the day was less eventful.  Bryan took Jilly to the movies for the first time (they saw Monsters University) while Mattie and I took a nap and then I worked on a little Christmas project that I'm quite excited about.  Then we all hung out in the afternoon and Bryan grilled us a delicious feast for dinner.  All in all, it was a fantastic weekend.


Katie said...

Aren't toddlers such great "helpers" in the kitchen?

I love the matching dresses!