Bangs are a girl's worst enemy.  They always seem like a good idea, then you have to style them on your own and they never look quite right.  Then a few weeks later they grow out a little too much so you find yourself in front of a bathroom mirror with a pair of scissors and that is never ever a good thing.  You finally decide to throw the towel in and start the painful process of growing out that takes forevvvvver.  (perhaps you are bangs savvy, but my life has been this process on repeat.)

I distinctly remember being littlelittle and sitting in front of a mirror while my mom perfectly curled my bangs every morning.  Sometime around 2nd grade I grew them out and it was rough but worth it.  Then in 7th grade bangs were back and I needed them.  Those are the pictures I look back on and shudder (although at the time I was a cheerleader with bangs and braces with bands that were my school colors and I had one article of clothing -a vest- from Abercrombie and I thought I had made it big.)  Very soon after I gave up on the bangs and went through the grow-out process yet again.  In college I went through many cycles of cutting side-sweep bangs then letting them grow out then cutting them again.  This wasn't quite as bad, but still often a nuisance and I felt like they actually looked good only about 12% of the tine.  Now I am happily bangs-free and hoping to stay that way but I'm sure at some point I'll convince myself they're a good idea.

So what's the point of all of this?  We're growing out Jilly's bangs!!!  The front of her hair always grew much slower than the back so bangs were pretty natural and I didn't mind them for a while.  But they're a pain to keep at the right length and I loooove how she looks without bangs so we're going for it.  Luckily we have a vast collection of flowers and bows to pin her bangs back with so we may actually survive this process.  Let's just hope we learn the lesson and don't have to do it again.


Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

Lol--I had one vest from Abercrombie, too! It was probably from some outlet clearance and wasn't very cute but I was convinced it made me cool (Don't even think it was actually mine--I think it was Hayley's or Amanda's). :)

kali said...

She looks so grown up without her bangs! Bangs were never a good idea for me either, so we were growing out Jenna's from day one!

Katie said...

The things to worry about with little girls. . . Hopefully someday I will have these challenges, but I have to say boys must be easier when it comes to hair.

Steph said...

Bangs are so hard! It's taken me years to find a good routine (and stick to it) to style them every day. I feel like little kids with messy bangs are so hard to work with. I'm hoping we can just let Katherine's hair grow out from the start ;)