five on friday

1. Bryan's brother Chad and his wife Kylie came to visit us for the day on Wednesday.  We took them downtown to eat and walk around Old Sacramento.  Jillian adores her Aunt Kylie and Uncle Chad.

2. We closed a chapter of our lives this week when we watched the last episode of the last season of 24.  Bryan said, "you know, that means we've watched this show for a full 8 days of our life."  This didn't horrify me nearly as much as it should have.  Besides, the shows aren't really a full hour since they do have commercial breaks, so it's only been about 7 days.

3. Mattie is a rolling machine now.  I lay her on her back and in just a matter of time and effort she's over on her tummy.  Only problem is she hates being on her tummy so she immediately starts whining til I (gently) roll her back over or sister (notgently) rolls her back over.

4. Playing Old Maid has been the activity of choice this week.  Matching is one of Jilly's favorite things (clearly we share the same genes) but the only problem is when Jilly gets the Old Maid.  She either a. breaks down in tears, b. refuses to touch the card, or c. reluctantly takes it only because you promise that you will take it back on your very next turn.

5. Napping has kind of been a struggle around here lately.  Jilly still really needs a nap, but doesn't believe me when I tell her so.  Mattie is out of the newborn cat nap all day stage, and now needs actual naps, but is getting picky about how and when she sleeps (i.e. wants me to nurse her to sleep then hold her the whole time she sleeps.)  I am not mom enough to survive without a Jilly nap, and I occasionally find it useful to have two hands so all too often I resort to piling us all in the car, cranking the princess tunes, and driving til I hear snoring.  I can't tell you how satisfying it is to pull into my garage with this pretty picture in my back seat:
(Now you'll be begging for more of my genius parenting tips)

Bonus- At our house we call Monday night Family Home Torture


Shauna said...

Ah yes, it was about this age Corbyn started refusing to nap. Hardest.transition.ever. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do - I don't blame you for taking them for a drive to put Jilly to sleep. Just know that there is life after naps after you get used to it. Corbyn actually sleeps in much later now that he doesn't nap, so hopefully that will be the case with her too!

Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

Family Home Torture. Lol. You can call it FHT for short! :) Can't believe Mattie is such a big girl already. And I love that picture of Mattie. She has the best faces!
Not gonna lie, Jilly's way of playing Old Maid sounds vaguely familiar (I'm kind of a sore loser--Bryan won't play most games with me).

Judi Coburn said...

Oh rach! I love you! Every time I read a post from you I think, "yep, that was me three years ago!" I did ANYTHING to get my boys to sleep and many a days I drove in the car to get them to sleep :) You are a great mom and don't you love the attitudes on two year olds? Uhggghgg. Wait till you meet the attitude of a three year old :)