friday five

one- On Sunday I was so, so excited about the girls' matching dresses and I wanted to take a picture of them before church.  After many, many attempts this is the very best one we got- you win some, you lose some.

two- We've had a craaaaazy busy and fun week- friends over for dinner/pool party Monday, park day with friends Tuesday, more friends over for dinner/pool party Tuesday night, Schaders came to spend the day with us Wednesday and we went to the park and had a bbq by the lake, then the girls and I went to Nana and Papa's to play with Kristen and Kirra yesterday.  Today we are exhausted and having a much needed jammie day at home (extra exciting for me because I got new jammies at Target yesterday.)

three- Kirra is my girls' only cousin (until November!) and we are so happy to have her (and her mom) in CA for a few weeks

four- Today is National Book Lovers Day and I will be spending as much of it as possible finishing my book (that is already past due!)

five- All summer we've been trying to convince Jilly she can swim by herself with her life jacket on.  It took her five-year-old friend Lily to finally get her  to do it.  Cue my obnoxious excited mom voice.


Lisa said...

You did a busy week! Rachel, you are unbelievable. Don't know how you do it.
That picture of the cousins in their princess dresses is precious!! So fun to have a BFF cousin.
So impressed Jilly is swimming, but not surprised. Her mom is, after all, a champion (inner tube) water polo player!