Tahoe Weekend

With everyone being in California, we decided to rent a cabin in Tahoe with Bryan's family this past weekend.  There was lots of biking, eating, playing, swimming, hot tubbing, picnicking, and general fun.

the besty best friends-

(not pictured- 568,321 fights that included screaming, hitting, biting, throwing sand, and lots of tears)

playing at the cabin -

beautiful nights by the lake -


 playing on the beach -

Kristen and Bryan "almost died" out on the paddle boards-

Emerald Bay six years ago on our honeymoon-
(I couldn't find the picture on our computer so I had to scan it, making it look even more ancient)

and now-

Martinez ladies -

Jillian fell asleep on the drive home and when she woke up she cried and cried saying "I want to go back to the other house!"  I'd call that a successful trip.


Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

So many great pictures! The one of Bryan holding Mattie might be my favorite. :)