So... basically I'm the blog loser of the world. It's kind of like I got behind, then there was so much to catch up on it became overwhelming, so I just gave up! So, here are the things I'm most grateful for in the past month:

General Conference- I love getting to leave my normal life for a weekend and focus on the important things. Conference always seems to come right at the perfect time, I felt so uplifted and encouraged after a weekend of listening to our leaders.

Family- I got to go home for Spring Break, which was SO MUCH FUN! I loved getting to see my wonderful family and the beautiful flowers and trees of Virginia. I also got to meet the newest addition to our family- little Luna, our chocolate lab puppy. I'm not an animal person at all, but I must admit that I fell completely in love with Luna.

BYU- On April 25th I graduated from BYU. It kind of felt surreal, especially since I haven't been to a class in a year. But, it was very exciting and gratifying. Plus, my sweet mom as well as my wonderful in-laws came to celebrate with us. We had a great weekend all together.

Flowers- Every April I get so excited for the beautiful blossoms of Spring. Tulips are my favorites (after gerbera daisies) and so right now I am in heaven.

My husband- In the 30 days of April Bryan and I have spent 14 days apart and it has been terrible. He was gone in Colorado for a civil engineering competition, then I went home, and now he is home for a week. I miss him SOOOOOOOO much. I guess I didn't realize how much I depend on him to keep me sane and happy. Somehow I got super lucky to convince this wonderful man to marry me. And, I'm lucky enough that he'll be back in 2 days- YEA!!!!!!!!!