Field Trip!

Today we had a field trip to the Capitol Theater to see Ballet West perform Cinderella. It was a beautiful ballet, and it reminded me of my London days. We paid 5 pounds (about 10 dollars) to get standing tickets on the very back row of the tallest balcony at the Royal Opera House to see Sleeping Beauty. It was very painful (instead of stretching our legs during intermission we sat the whole time and massaged our feet) but so wonderful. I think it's so neat that my students got to go to a performance like this- some of them will probably never see a ballet ever again. They were so excited about it, and they were so good, which was a nice treat for me!

As I watched the beautiful dancers, it reminded me of how much I love ballet. High school was a time of much confusion and stress. Dancing was a moment of grace and serenity for me. No matter how many crazy things were going on, ballet was stable, structured, and beautiful. Sometimes I miss putting on my pointe shoes, but then I remember how much they hurt!


p.s. I love you

My sweet husband came home yesterday with tickets to see this movie. He must really love me because this is a movie he would never choose on his own. Anyway, it was a tear-jerker for sure. Bryan made fun of me because I cried the entire time, then didn't stop crying for another half hour after the movie was over! I'm not saying it was the best movie, because there are some parts that I would eliminate, but I just loved the message.

The whole movie was about living and appreciating your life. I tend to take so many things for granted; I don't stop enough to think about the joys in my life. And, everything I have in this life is such a gift. So, just in case I haven't said "I love you" enough yet, here are some of my greatest loves:

1. Bryan- I could never have asked for such a wonderful husband. He puts up with a lot from me, and never stops smiling while doing so. He always makes me happy and his constant selflessness amazes me.
2. Family- Ever since Day 1, I have been surrounded by the most amazing people. My parents mean the world to me and have always been there for me. To this day, I talk to my mom every morning on my way to work. Those 15 minutes brighten my entire day. My dad is just as amazing- so strong and always there for me. My sweet little sisters are angels and my brother is our little Prince Charming. They all make me laugh so hard constantly.
3. More Family- 7 months ago I got a new family (well...I feel like they've been family for longer than that, but it's been official since July.) I love my in-laws so much and feel so lucky to be part of their family now. Bryan's parents treat me like their own daughter, and they spoil me way too much! Bryan's brothers are so much fun; they're making up for all those years that I didn't have a brother to tease me for being so girly. And, I have the most amazing sister-in-law who is so sweet and kind.
4. Amigas: I have been blessed with the most wonderful friends throughout my life. Each one has touched my life in a special way. I hope that I have said thank you enough, because you have helped me through so many high and low times.
5. The gospel of Jesus Christ- I cannot even describe how much peace and joy my testimony has brought to me. I know that I have a Savior, an elder brother, who loves me and sacrificed everything for me.
6. My job- Even though chasing after 21 10-year-olds isn't the most glamorous of occupations, I have my dream job! Ever since I was in second grade I knew I wanted to be a teacher and now I'm living the dream. I'm so grateful for every day that I get to spend with these little cuties- they teach me so much and bring me so much joy.
7. Health- It truly is a blessing that I can wake up every morning and get out of bed to accomplish everything I need to do that day.

This list barely touches all that I am thankful for, but it holds some of the things that I treasure most.

p.s. I love you


Gym anyone?

I've been a proud member of Gold's Gym for over a year now. I always seem to find a way to "accidentally" flash the VIP card on my keychain. My very impressed acquaintance will say, "Oh, you go to Gold's?" and I nonchalantly say, "oh yeah, I'm there all the time, it's great." But for 6 months I've been holding in a deep, dark secret. My VIP pass? Frozen. That's right- even though I proudly swish that keychain around, I truly hadn't been to the gym since April 2007.

This January I decided it was time to change things. I (gulp) unfroze my membership and decided to get my booty going. I was really dreading that first step back in the gym, and that constant nagging feeling that I'm paying money and really should be there. But, thanks to my dear friend Lisa, this time around the gym has been a totally different experience for me. We've started going to some of the classes the gym offers and I'm slowly converting. For example, there's Saturday morning aerobics with Suzanne Somers. I wish so much that I had a picture of our instructor- she's tan, blonde, fake, wonderful! She's the happiest person I know. The class is full of ladies who are incredibly in shape, including a woman who must be at least 75 and comes every week ready to rock out. It's so motivating and so much fun! We've also gone to
some other classes that were just as fun and intense.

So, although I'm still not a three times a day, can't live without it gym enthusiast, I really do love working out. I have felt so much less stress in my life because I am getting out and taking care of my body. So hat's off to Lisa for making me a true VIP.

ps- Happy President's Day

pps- Yea for my sister Leslie for cutting 12 inches off her hair today to donate to locks of love. Her new, short 'do is super cute!


Favorite Day!!

I LOVE Valentines Day, for many reasons. 1. Everyone has to wear pink or red (or at least they should!) 2. All over campus there are boys carrying bouquets that normally wouldn't be caught dead doing so... it's a day that brings out the romantic in all of us. 3. Lots of chocolate! 4. Valentine cards from friends and family 5. (save the best for last) It's our Engagement Anniversary! I promise I'm not a psycho anniversary person, but it is fun that we will always get to celebrate the night we got engaged. Last year, Bryan had sneakily gotten my ring without me knowing and surprised me on my favorite day of the year. I've always loved Valentine's Day, but I love it even more now that I have this wonderful man to spend forever with. I hope everyone had a Valentine's Day full of lots of love and happiness!


Well, here we go!

I always thought my life was too boring for a blog. But Amy's ultimatum, as well as my newfound obsession with stalking everyone I can through the internet, made me rethink. I've decided blogging is really about celebrating the great things in life- the little, precious moments that make us think, "how did I get so lucky?" So here is my little addition to the blogging world.