Gym anyone?

I've been a proud member of Gold's Gym for over a year now. I always seem to find a way to "accidentally" flash the VIP card on my keychain. My very impressed acquaintance will say, "Oh, you go to Gold's?" and I nonchalantly say, "oh yeah, I'm there all the time, it's great." But for 6 months I've been holding in a deep, dark secret. My VIP pass? Frozen. That's right- even though I proudly swish that keychain around, I truly hadn't been to the gym since April 2007.

This January I decided it was time to change things. I (gulp) unfroze my membership and decided to get my booty going. I was really dreading that first step back in the gym, and that constant nagging feeling that I'm paying money and really should be there. But, thanks to my dear friend Lisa, this time around the gym has been a totally different experience for me. We've started going to some of the classes the gym offers and I'm slowly converting. For example, there's Saturday morning aerobics with Suzanne Somers. I wish so much that I had a picture of our instructor- she's tan, blonde, fake, wonderful! She's the happiest person I know. The class is full of ladies who are incredibly in shape, including a woman who must be at least 75 and comes every week ready to rock out. It's so motivating and so much fun! We've also gone to
some other classes that were just as fun and intense.

So, although I'm still not a three times a day, can't live without it gym enthusiast, I really do love working out. I have felt so much less stress in my life because I am getting out and taking care of my body. So hat's off to Lisa for making me a true VIP.

ps- Happy President's Day

pps- Yea for my sister Leslie for cutting 12 inches off her hair today to donate to locks of love. Her new, short 'do is super cute!


Amanda Cluff said...

Okay that post cracked me up. I too just started going to the gym and was able to go to Suzanne Somers class. I know this post is old but I had to comment.