Field Trip!

Today we had a field trip to the Capitol Theater to see Ballet West perform Cinderella. It was a beautiful ballet, and it reminded me of my London days. We paid 5 pounds (about 10 dollars) to get standing tickets on the very back row of the tallest balcony at the Royal Opera House to see Sleeping Beauty. It was very painful (instead of stretching our legs during intermission we sat the whole time and massaged our feet) but so wonderful. I think it's so neat that my students got to go to a performance like this- some of them will probably never see a ballet ever again. They were so excited about it, and they were so good, which was a nice treat for me!

As I watched the beautiful dancers, it reminded me of how much I love ballet. High school was a time of much confusion and stress. Dancing was a moment of grace and serenity for me. No matter how many crazy things were going on, ballet was stable, structured, and beautiful. Sometimes I miss putting on my pointe shoes, but then I remember how much they hurt!