Love is in the Air

On Saturday we got to go to my good friend Kate's wedding. It was so fun to be there- she was so excited and made an absolutely beautiful bride. It was also fun to reunite with some Richmond friends. Those Mortensens kept us laughing all day long. :)

As we sat in the sealing room waiting for the cute couple, I thought of our wedding day, which wasn't so long ago, but feels like forever ago! I'm so grateful for that day and for every day since. It is such a blessing that we can be sealed for eternity. Heavenly Father must really love us to give us these families forever!

Despite the fact that I was sick with strep throat and felt like I was going to die (I didn't know it was strep throat then!) it was a wonderful day. I'm so glad that I got to share it with the fabulous new couple. We love you Justin and Kate!


Lisa said...

RACHEL LEONA!?!>?!?!?! WHY DID I NOT KNOW YOU HAVE A BLOG!!?! I love it! Okay, sorry. I'll stop writing in caps now. Get better soon!

Janssen said...

I love going to weddings now that I'm married (plus, I like getting to visit, eat, and have a good time without the stress of being the couple on display!).

Judi said...

sorry you are sick! my whole family has been getting strep! must be going around.

Kirsten Sue said...

Wow that is so crazy Kate is married! I totally remember her. Ha Ha remember when we though she'd marry Jesse?