I always thought that breaking a record would be fun.  But, trust me, it was not fun yesterday.  Sacramento broke the Sept 28th record with a temperature of 101.  And to me it felt like 101 million degrees.  I am so sick of summer, I need FALL!  I want pumpkins, scary movies, cozy sweaters, crunchy and colorful leaves, and I want my baby to come!  (Okay, so maybe she should wait a few more weeks.)  Instead, I am stuck here with the fan blowing full blast on my face.  Does summer ever end in California?

On a side note, does anyone have advice (or I'll take just sympathy) for swollen and numb hands?  They're only bad during the night but every morning it takes about 15 minutes before they are functional again.

I just realized that this entire post was full of complaints.  I should finish by saying my life is really great.



My Queen for a Day was a roaring success.  We went out to dinner (no cooking and no dishes!) and spent the rest of the night relaxing at home.  At about 9:00 I got a wicked craving for a tall glass of chocolate milk, but alas there was no Nestle Quik to be found in the house.  My superman husband rescued me by finding a recipe and whipping up the most delicious chocolate milk I have ever tasted in my life.  Sorry Nestle, but you will no longer be welcome in my cupboards.

Superman Bryan's Absolutely Delicious Homemade Chocolate Milk (also found here)
1 ounce water
1 1/2 teaspoons cocoa
2 tablespoons sugar
Put sugar, cocoa, and water in microwavable 12 oz glass.
Microwave for 30 seconds or until sugar and cocoa dissolve.
Add to cold milk and stir. 


Queen for the Day

Two years ago I summoned up all my courage to get my first flu shot.  I wrote about it here.  It was then that I started the "Queen for the Day" tradition which basically entails the person who has been poked to get anything they want and to not have to exert any energy.  Today I got a double dose- flu shot in one arm and whooping cough in the other.  I told the nurse about my tradition and she was in full support.  And, since I got 2 shots this time, I think I should get 2 days as queen.  Logical, right?  We'll see how that goes over with my manservant/husband.

I also asked the doctor if he could tell how big the baby will be.  He said she's about 3 1/2 pounds now and that he "doesn't expect she'll be a 10 pounder."  I asked how sure he was about that, but he wouldn't commit.  Hopefully he's right and this baby doesn't follow in her naughty father's footsteps.  But, Shauna showed us how cute 10 pound babies can be so I guess it will be okay no matter what.


Word to the Wise

When your baby crib is delivered and you are so excited you can barely make it through dinner and dishes before ripping into the box and putting together all those delicious pieces of wood you should maybe think about where the crib is going to go and set it up there.  Because, even if it looks absolutely beautiful in the living room, if it doesn't fit through the door into the baby's room it does you absolutely no good.

Plan for tonight: disassemble the crib and re-assemble in baby's room (good thing I have a very patient husband.)



Last week Bryan went on a business trip to Seattle.  I hate to be melodramatic but it was possibly one of the loneliest weeks of my life.  I spent one night with Bryan's parents, but the rest of the time I basically sat around talking to myself.  Awesome.  But, I did get to make lots of projects and didn't even feel guilty about all the messes I made!

Project #1  Curtains for Baby's Room
The lighting in this picture is terrible (I promise the walls aren't mustard yellow), but you get the idea.  I was very intimidated, but these really weren't very hard to make.

Project #2  Fabric Memory Board
Her aunts and uncle are very concerned about living on the opposite side of the country so I promised them I would put up lots of pictures of them so she will know them well.

Project #3  Jewelry Hanger
My necklaces were in desperate need of organization and this does the trick nicely.  We're still working on getting it hung on the wall though.

Project #4   Strawberry Jam
Bryan has a wonderful mother who made homemade jam every year so I'm trying to not let him down too much.

I love a dramatic labor scene where the husband runs in just in the nick of time (Father of the Bride Part 2 is one of my favorites) but I don't know that I could handle one in real life.  So, I have requested that Bryan stay within a more reasonable distance for the next two months, and luckily his boss agreed.  So no more lonely nights for me!  


Tour de Casa

Our apartment is definitely a work in progress.  We still need some pillows and curtains, pictures need to be hung on the wall, and our headboard hasn't arrived yet.  But, we realized that we're having a baby in just two months(!) so we should probably take a break from other stuff and get ready for her.  So here is the "Work in Progress Tour."

Our little Eating Area- Bryan requested a tall table so he feels normal-sized 

Our Kitchen (from the eating area)  I like that when I'm doing dishes I can look up and remember my fabulous life in London

Our Living Room- Bryan did an awesome job of mounting the tv above the fireplace, and don't you love the curtain-less curtain rod?  

I love these shelves!

Our tiny bedroom- We  hadn't seen our actual apartment so when we moved in we were surprised to find that the "master" bedroom is much smaller than the other bedroom.  We spent a day debating if we should trade rooms, but the washer/dryer is in the master, and it's also connected to the bathroom and I didn't want anything disrupting her sleep.  So, the Little Miss gets the palatial room while we get to enjoy this cozy little room.

BEST part of our new apartment, this baby and I are very close friends.

(The nursery is not ready for it's photographical debut, I'll post pictures soon!)


See good days

This weekend I went to Time Out for Women with Bryan's mom.  This year they had a session right in our backyard in Sacramento.  It was a neat weekend full of great speakers (John Bytheway was hilarious, as usual) and beautiful music (I wish that I could have Jenny Oaks Baker follow me around and play for me 24/7.)  One of my favorite speakers was Emily Freeman.  She read part of 1 Peter 3:10 that says, "For he that will love life, and see good days."  She talked about how we always tell each other to have a good day, but what we really need to do is see a good day.  Every day is a good day when looked at with the right perspective.  I loved this little pearl of wisdom.  I hope that you all see a good day today!

This was a good day back in August when my family was visiting us in Utah, I miss them so much!



14 days until

I'm rather excited.  Until then I'll just have to keep watching this on repeat. 


Umm, I didn't like it

I finished Mockingjay yesterday.  I had been reading bits and pieces whenever I got a chance (like during the hour wait at the DMV two days in a row- delightful) and yesterday I finally decided to go sit at the pool until I finished.  And, after being so excited for the book, I was really disappointed.  (Warning- don't keep reading if you haven't read it yet!)

I feel like everything was too easy and went too fast.  The rebels go in to rescue Peeta and they come back just a few hours later like it was no big deal.  Katniss stresses about her 2 boyfriends the whole time and at the end there is no big decision, it just happens (but I am very glad she ended up with Peeta, I always liked him better.)  I don't like that Katniss spent so much time drugged and in the hospital, she didn't seem like a real heroine.  I hate that Katniss killed so many people- wasn't the whole point of the rebellion to end all the violence and treat people fairly?  And, what was the whole deal with having another Hunger Games?  Why on earth did she vote to have another one (so glad that didn't happen)?

What did you think???


30 Weeks

Wowza, there's a baby in there!  And she is most definitely Bryan's daughter- she can't stay still!  I'm at the point that it's still exciting to feel little hands, feet, elbows, and knees jabbing all day (and night) long, but she's getting stronger and I have a feeling it's going to get old soon.  We get more excited to meet our little girl every day, only 10 more weeks to go!