Queen for the Day

Two years ago I summoned up all my courage to get my first flu shot.  I wrote about it here.  It was then that I started the "Queen for the Day" tradition which basically entails the person who has been poked to get anything they want and to not have to exert any energy.  Today I got a double dose- flu shot in one arm and whooping cough in the other.  I told the nurse about my tradition and she was in full support.  And, since I got 2 shots this time, I think I should get 2 days as queen.  Logical, right?  We'll see how that goes over with my manservant/husband.

I also asked the doctor if he could tell how big the baby will be.  He said she's about 3 1/2 pounds now and that he "doesn't expect she'll be a 10 pounder."  I asked how sure he was about that, but he wouldn't commit.  Hopefully he's right and this baby doesn't follow in her naughty father's footsteps.  But, Shauna showed us how cute 10 pound babies can be so I guess it will be okay no matter what.


Shauna aka Big Chief Rain Dance Phillips said...

Gosh I hope she doesn't follow in her dad's footsteps - for your sake, Rachel! I wouldn't wish that on even my worst enemies. :)

Lisa Michelle said...

You definitely deserve to be Queen for a day. Whenever I give blood, I make sure they give me the "Be nice to me, I gave blood today" sticker. Same idea. But I like how you took it up a notch. Genius. :)

Taylor said...

Ryan was also a 10 lb baby, and Skylar was a gaunt 4 lb baby. Although he was also 5 weeks early, and I wouldn't wish that on you either :) The doctors say that he probably would have been around 7 lbs by his due date though!