I always thought that breaking a record would be fun.  But, trust me, it was not fun yesterday.  Sacramento broke the Sept 28th record with a temperature of 101.  And to me it felt like 101 million degrees.  I am so sick of summer, I need FALL!  I want pumpkins, scary movies, cozy sweaters, crunchy and colorful leaves, and I want my baby to come!  (Okay, so maybe she should wait a few more weeks.)  Instead, I am stuck here with the fan blowing full blast on my face.  Does summer ever end in California?

On a side note, does anyone have advice (or I'll take just sympathy) for swollen and numb hands?  They're only bad during the night but every morning it takes about 15 minutes before they are functional again.

I just realized that this entire post was full of complaints.  I should finish by saying my life is really great.


Shauna aka Big Chief Rain Dance Phillips said...

Oh man, I totally know what you mean about the hands. Unfortunately the only thing that made it better for me was having the baby... Hang in there. It's worth it, I promise!

Shauntel said...

The swollen hands and fingers. Oh, I remember them. I'd wake up in the morning and do finger workouts. I could barely bend them, honestly.

Pretty much, you need to give birth. And here's the good news: It seriously goes away like instantly.

Until then, drink boatloads of water and just wiggle your fingers about. (My feet would tingle all the time too.) And try to stay cool. The heat isn't doing you any favors.

The homestretch is sooooo fun, no?

Almost there! :)

Jamie said...

Find a nice swimming pool and go for a swim! The water will cool you down and do wonders for your swelling :) at least it worked for me :)

P.S. - The last few weeks I didn't go in a swim suit just gym shorts and a t shirt but it felt so good. The bath tub may help, however once I got in it was pretty hard to get out!

Taylor said...

I ditto what everyone else said. Having the baby definitely helps, but for me I ended up icing my hands and feet whenever they got particularly swollen. I sometimes used ice packs, but I found it was most effective to make a big bowl of ice water and plunge my hands inside. Slightly painful at first, but brought good relief when it was over!

Suzie Soda said...

I took lots of warm baths when I was pregnanat
( i think they may tell you not to now ) but I did and it always helped me feel better. And then lotion and massage your hands ( let Brian do it ). I still do it.

It will get better when you have the baby..but then your boobs will be sore from nursing :)

And then it is menopause....and a host of other lovely problems.

It is so fun being a girl :) xoxo

tracy said...

Ouch! No fun. Try cool water soaks.It sounds like ice water might hurt too much. i liked the idea of "Finger exercises". i don't know...does walking seem to help? Reading over all these pregnancy things reminds me how easy i had it...i should have been more appreciative.
Hang in there!

Oh, how about the Sign Language for applause...moving your open hands back and forth in the air? (Thanks, "Glee"!)