Last week Bryan went on a business trip to Seattle.  I hate to be melodramatic but it was possibly one of the loneliest weeks of my life.  I spent one night with Bryan's parents, but the rest of the time I basically sat around talking to myself.  Awesome.  But, I did get to make lots of projects and didn't even feel guilty about all the messes I made!

Project #1  Curtains for Baby's Room
The lighting in this picture is terrible (I promise the walls aren't mustard yellow), but you get the idea.  I was very intimidated, but these really weren't very hard to make.

Project #2  Fabric Memory Board
Her aunts and uncle are very concerned about living on the opposite side of the country so I promised them I would put up lots of pictures of them so she will know them well.

Project #3  Jewelry Hanger
My necklaces were in desperate need of organization and this does the trick nicely.  We're still working on getting it hung on the wall though.

Project #4   Strawberry Jam
Bryan has a wonderful mother who made homemade jam every year so I'm trying to not let him down too much.

I love a dramatic labor scene where the husband runs in just in the nick of time (Father of the Bride Part 2 is one of my favorites) but I don't know that I could handle one in real life.  So, I have requested that Bryan stay within a more reasonable distance for the next two months, and luckily his boss agreed.  So no more lonely nights for me!  


Shauna aka Big Chief Rain Dance Phillips said...

Nice work! Looks like you kept yourself busy.

P.S. I promise your post is coming soon. I feel so bad I don't have it done yet. There's just so much I want to say and I don't want to leave anything out, so it's taking awhile. But it will be done soon, I promise!

Lisa Michelle said...

Holy cow, you HAVE been busy! Every one of those projects looks beautiful and amazing. And as the aunt who is far away, I'm sure your siblings appreciate the pictures. Hayley pulls up facebook pictures of me and quizzes Macy so she hopefully won't run away from me come Christmas. You are super woman, Rach! That changing table looks cute. Can't wait to see the nursery when it's all done!