See good days

This weekend I went to Time Out for Women with Bryan's mom.  This year they had a session right in our backyard in Sacramento.  It was a neat weekend full of great speakers (John Bytheway was hilarious, as usual) and beautiful music (I wish that I could have Jenny Oaks Baker follow me around and play for me 24/7.)  One of my favorite speakers was Emily Freeman.  She read part of 1 Peter 3:10 that says, "For he that will love life, and see good days."  She talked about how we always tell each other to have a good day, but what we really need to do is see a good day.  Every day is a good day when looked at with the right perspective.  I loved this little pearl of wisdom.  I hope that you all see a good day today!

This was a good day back in August when my family was visiting us in Utah, I miss them so much!


Kirsten Krason said...

Your family is so beautiful. :) look at all those good looking people!