Aunt Kristen - "Jilly, are you a human?"
J - "No, I a princess"

Mattie was having tummy time and Jilly put a heavy bean bag on her back.
me - "Jillian, take that off your sister right now."
J - "but Mommy, she's a turtle"

J - "Daddy, I need the computer really quick"
Bry - "What do you need it for?"
J - "To watch Dora and Boots"

I had been cleaning all day and was wearing sweats and a t-shirt.  I decided to run to the bank to deposit a check
J - "You're wearing your jammies there?"

We're in the car and Mattie is screaming.
J - "Will you please feed her?"

B - "Jilly I want to take your paci away, what can I give you in return?'
J - "Um, my paci back?"

Jilly was telling her Nana a story about me and Nana wasn't quite understanding so Jilly finally said, "you know- Rachel!"

J - "Daddy, don't go out with me!"
B - "Okay I won't go without you."

B - "How much do you love me Jilly?"
J - "ummm, one"

I sneezed
J- "You have allergies mommy?"
R- "Yes"
J - "I think you're getting sick"
B - "What can Mommy do to get better?"
J- "Get baptized"

I had taken all the sheets off my bed to wash them so you could only see the mattress
J- "Ohhhh, a jumpy bed.  Where did we get it?"

While playing by herself with toys-
J - "I'll take your Aurora dress away if you don't give it back"

At the park-
J - "Where did my favorite friends go?'
R - "You mean the kids that just left?" (that we had absolutely no interaction with)
J - "Yes, where'd they go?"



Since last year's Halloween was kind of a flop, I was determined for this year to be better.  First success was letting everyone pick their own costumes.  If you didn't already know Jilly was going to be Aurora, you should probably read this blog more.  Bryan decided to be the Brawny guy.  And, I did control what Mattie wore, but she didn't seem to mind our game of Cat and Mouse.

On Friday night we went to our ward Trunk-or-Treat.  They had dinner, a photo booth (see above), costume parade, and pumpkin carving contest.  Bryan won the pumpkin contest with his carnivorous pumpkin (in the spirit of full disclosure there were only 2 pumpkins entered, but I'm sure he would have won no matter how many pumpkins were there :) )

Unlike last year Jilly was all about the trick-or-treating.  Her friend Abby loves princesses just as much as Jilly so they are a match made in heaven.

On Saturday morning Bryan made us Pumpkin Pancakes, and I promise that green syrup tastes much better than it looks.

In the afternoon we went out to Oakley for the annual Martinez family Halloween party.

Close-up of the Brawny man, see the resemblance?

We ate homemade corn dogs, baked beans, salad, string cheese fingers, used band-aids, and mouths.

Jilly was not amused with donuts on a string so she took matters into her own hands (literally.)  Proud to be raising a cheater.

Then we played a game where we had to use chopsticks to put Reeses Pieces in a jar.  I lost with a whopping 2 in my jar.

We also ate lots and lots of candy and donuts.  We had a great weekend and I now feel like Halloween has been adequately celebrated; I have no clue what we'll do on Thursday!


five things

1- It's been a busybusy week filled with friends, family activities, church assignments, projects, and housework.  I can't believe it's already Friday, but I'm not complaining.  We are very excited to celebrate Halloweekend.

2- A certain almost-three-year-old I know has been struggling with obedience.  But as soon as Bryan made this chart and threatened the Aurora dress she shaped up quickly. 

 3- We gave Mattie solids for the first time this week and if the end goal is a mess, she's doing excellently.  

4- I know you like to stay apprised of our tv situation- Prime has redeemed itself this week as we've been busy watching Season One of Under the Dome.  It kind of reminds us of Lost and we like it quite a lot.  

5- Mattie has really started to love toys and don't you dare take something she wants to play with away from her.  That sweet smile is replaced with kicking legs, flailing arms, and a mean grunt.


C+J forever

Jilly and Clark play together all the time.  And Clark is my hero because Jilly is bossy and dramatic and always wearing a princess dress and Clark is just cool and puts up with it all (probably because he has 3 sisters and is used to it.)  We love love love Clark.  When he was over this week I had my camera out so I let them be silly and took some pictures.


Retro Homemaking

I think I've mentioned before that I'm in charge of the activities our Relief Society does.  A couple weeks ago we had such a fun activity- we called it a Retro Homemaking Night.  This little activity completely consumed my life for a few weeks so I was thrilled it turned out well.

We gathered lots of vintage items to decorate with
including some yearbooks from the 50s - so fun

We had candies from the 50s and punch of course

Along the walls we hung a few aprons and ads from the 50s
My favorite ad (I think I need some New Ivory Soap)
How cool are these drive-thru speakers?

We also had 50s music playing which was really fun.  For our opener, we did a presentation on how to perfectly iron (including Clinton Kelly's Ironing Song) then we had two other classes.  We made Cherry Pies in a Jar, which were so cute and dee-licious (instructions here)

And made aprons using this Apron in an Hour Tutorial.  This is where I spent the whole night sewing away.

Everyone looked so, so cute in their retro attire and we had a blast!  

Inspiration for the activity found here, here, and here.



I just finished reading Happier at Home and now have a greater desire to create lots of fun holiday traditions with our girls.  So on Saturday we headed to our nearby pumpkin patch for the fourth year in a row.  It was the perfect chance for the girls to wear their matching shirts my mom sent. 

^^ her reaction to finding out hot dogs were for sale (we went the cheap route of grilling our own hot dogs at home)

2012- I remember sitting on the hayride and thinking that the next year we'd have a baby with us
2011- Little Jilly toddling all over
2010- Pregnant in the Pouring Rain