Mattie: five months

Mattie is now quite the mover.  I'll put her in one spot and between rolling and scooting she'll be in a totally new spot in just a few minutes.

She grabs everything.  The other morning I was holding her while eating breakfast and I very nearly had my whole bowl of cereal fall into my lap when she grabbed and pulled my place mat.  

I was ready to revoke her super sleeper status last week when we had some rough nights, but she seems to be back on her regular schedule of waking up once or twice during the night and going right back to sleep after eating.  I wouldn't be sad at all if she decreased that though.

She's a big time momma's girl, which I love most of the time but it can also be extremely inconvenient.

Above all, her most impressive trick is her toe touch.


Kathryn Story said...

She is just adorable!!