Aunt Kristen - "Jilly, are you a human?"
J - "No, I a princess"

Mattie was having tummy time and Jilly put a heavy bean bag on her back.
me - "Jillian, take that off your sister right now."
J - "but Mommy, she's a turtle"

J - "Daddy, I need the computer really quick"
Bry - "What do you need it for?"
J - "To watch Dora and Boots"

I had been cleaning all day and was wearing sweats and a t-shirt.  I decided to run to the bank to deposit a check
J - "You're wearing your jammies there?"

We're in the car and Mattie is screaming.
J - "Will you please feed her?"

B - "Jilly I want to take your paci away, what can I give you in return?'
J - "Um, my paci back?"

Jilly was telling her Nana a story about me and Nana wasn't quite understanding so Jilly finally said, "you know- Rachel!"

J - "Daddy, don't go out with me!"
B - "Okay I won't go without you."

B - "How much do you love me Jilly?"
J - "ummm, one"

I sneezed
J- "You have allergies mommy?"
R- "Yes"
J - "I think you're getting sick"
B - "What can Mommy do to get better?"
J- "Get baptized"

I had taken all the sheets off my bed to wash them so you could only see the mattress
J- "Ohhhh, a jumpy bed.  Where did we get it?"

While playing by herself with toys-
J - "I'll take your Aurora dress away if you don't give it back"

At the park-
J - "Where did my favorite friends go?'
R - "You mean the kids that just left?" (that we had absolutely no interaction with)
J - "Yes, where'd they go?"


Emily said...

She is so darling and funny!! Love these kiddos!

Lisa {MoneyHipMamas.com} said...

This whole thing made me laugh!! Keep these posts going as often as possible, please! "you know- Rachel!"

The Daytons said...

Such a sweet, spunky, cute girl! Laughed the whole time I was reading!

Jana said...

Ha hahahaha. Oh jilly- you're making me laugh over here :)