Not for the faint of heart

Yes, I'm blogging during the game. Don't worry, I'm definitely watching, but it's just too much for me. My hear is pounding and I need to stay busy doing something or I'm going to go crazy. (ps- it's tied right now in the 2nd quarter.)

I thought now would be a good time to update you on our Thanksgiving festivities. My family is coming, hooray! My dad has been here since Thursday night. We've had a great time hanging out with him. My mom and the rest of the crew arrive in 3 hours- I can't wait!!

Here are some highlights of our itinerary: my fam coming to help in my classroom (sure to be a crazy adventure,) Twilight viewing party (girls only,) Chuck-a-Rama with the grandparents, Christmas lights, cousin sleepover, spending a night at my grandparents' cabin.

But the real day of importance- Thanksgiving- is going to be the ultimate in family fun and craziness. Here's the plan (warning- this may cause pounding of the heart, aching temples, slight stomach ache, and sweaty palms.)
Thanksgiving Dinner with the Anderson's at noon- lots of laughing and delicious food
After eating, a mad rush for everyone to get ready for:
Family Picture- 56 People crammed in a studio trying to wear matching clothes and smile at the same time. Virtually Impossible, but nonetheless we make the effort so very often.
Race to Thanksgiving Dinner part 2 with the Rice's- more delicious food and lots of fun (many more little cousins as well)
Trek to Park City for Thanksgiving Dessert at my mom's cousin's beautiful home. Many more laughs and, of course, delicious food.
I didn't add this in the schedule, but there will obviously be many stops to restrooms for us to binge in preparation for our next meal. Please wish us luck.

Even though I joke about our insane schedule, I'm so excited for a break from school and some time with my wonderful family. Happy Thanksgiving!


Rivalry Week

In my class I have 24 wild and crazy BYU fans and 1 pesky Utah fan (ps, she is adorable and I love her so much.) At the beginning of the year it quickly became apparent that we had a huge rift in our classroom family. The kids would gang up on Ute fan, and I had to lecture them about being kind even though we cheer for different teams. Eventually it became something fun that we all like to joke about.

Enter Mr. Jensen. Mr. Jensen is an aide in my classroom who comes every morning. He is young and fun, and the kids adore him. Unfortunately Mr. Jensen is also a Ute fan.

On Monday he came to school wearing a hideous red shirt and proclaimed that he was planning on wearing red every day that week. I almost said that I would then wear blue every day, but I realized that there's not too much blue in my closet, need to work on that. So I had to come up with something quick and clever. I decided to make a bargain with Mr. Jensen. If BYU wins, he has to wear one of Bryan's BYU shirts all day on Monday. He jumped right on it and said that if Utah wins, the whole class has to get on their knees and say, "The Utes are the Best."

So, the rivalry begins. We only write in blue on our whiteboard. We're all wearing true blue on Friday.

Please Cougars, pull it off for the 25 of us in Room 19.



I am very proud to say that I am immune to the flu for the next 12 months.

Today I summoned up my courage to get a flu shot. The District Office was giving them for free and I figured if anyone is at risk to get sick, it's me. Most people wouldn't think this was a big deal, but I haven't had very much luck in the arm/blood/needle department lately (bad blood donating experience.) I even called my mom on the way over for some support, here's our conversation:

"Mom, I'm on my way to my flu shot. I'm nervous. Does it hurt?"

"Oh, don't be such a baby. It's nothing."

That conversation ended quickly.

So here I am one hour later in recovery. The only true tragedy of this experience is the small hole in my sweater from pulling it over my bulky muscles. But, Bryan doesn't need to know that. We're going to start a new family tradition where any time someone gets a shot they become "Queen of the Day." This entitles not having to make dinner, going out for ice cream, watching a movie of her choice, getting a massage (because shots make your whole body hurt,) and anything else the Queen desires. I think it's going to go pretty well.


Good Things

- Wonderful Bryan took me to see Mama Mia this weekend. His expression stayed pretty much the same the whole time- a mix between is this for real and she better love me. Due to my excellent bargaining skills, we will be enjoying Quantam of Solace and Hot Rod this next weekend.
That's pretty much how it works around here and we love it.

- Parent-Teacher Conferences are OVER!!!

- BYU won on Saturday, and actually looked pretty good. I'm proud to say I'm a Cougar again.

- My little sis is going to London! I can't wait to relive my Study Abroad
days as she enjoys this fabulous trip. I'm already working on a list of "things you MUST do"

- I'm almost done with my Christmas project to give to my parents

- I'm all caught up on my grading...almost

- I'm reading a fabulous book about the early colonists at Jamestown. Clearly, I love anything related to Virginia, but this is really interesting and heartbreaking- it was not an easy life.

- My family comes in 11 days (that's 264 hours.) I hope I can make it until then!!!

- Bry and I went to get 2 free Hot and Ready Krispy Kremes tonight and
ended up coming home with a dozen doughnuts- go figure.

I love my life


Jeepers Creepers

A. This is the title of an extremely scary movie that Bry and I watched about 4 times last week in honor of Halloween.

B. This may be what you think of me after reading this post.

If this is your home, please know that I am only a random admirer, not a creepy stalker. Ever since my eyes first came across this darling home I have been completely in love with it. I often make Bryan drive out of our way to get a peek of my dream home. I love how it looks like it belongs in Virginia- the shiny black shutters, the cute little porch, the handsome white pillars, the colorful leaves scattered on the ground. I want to curl up with a book on a window seat in one of the top windows and make cute curtains to go in those big front windows. I want to cuddle with Bryan in front of a warm fire in the fireplace. I want to chase my own little children around in the backyard. I want to fill this house with the delicious aroma of baking cookies. I want to paint the walls cute colors and decorate with fun artwork.

Please let this one day be my home.


Moving On

I was sad to put away this

But happy to have this back

And so excited for this

(Yes, that is exactly what our apartment looks like at Christmas)

Good News- 106.5 began playing 100% Christmas music today, there is happiness in my world.