Good Things

- Wonderful Bryan took me to see Mama Mia this weekend. His expression stayed pretty much the same the whole time- a mix between is this for real and she better love me. Due to my excellent bargaining skills, we will be enjoying Quantam of Solace and Hot Rod this next weekend.
That's pretty much how it works around here and we love it.

- Parent-Teacher Conferences are OVER!!!

- BYU won on Saturday, and actually looked pretty good. I'm proud to say I'm a Cougar again.

- My little sis is going to London! I can't wait to relive my Study Abroad
days as she enjoys this fabulous trip. I'm already working on a list of "things you MUST do"

- I'm almost done with my Christmas project to give to my parents

- I'm all caught up on my grading...almost

- I'm reading a fabulous book about the early colonists at Jamestown. Clearly, I love anything related to Virginia, but this is really interesting and heartbreaking- it was not an easy life.

- My family comes in 11 days (that's 264 hours.) I hope I can make it until then!!!

- Bry and I went to get 2 free Hot and Ready Krispy Kremes tonight and
ended up coming home with a dozen doughnuts- go figure.

I love my life


Lisa Michelle said...

p.s. After Bryan said "Bryan's lucky" after Mama Mia, my family thinks he's hilarious and keeps repeating it to anyone who will listen. :)

Thanks for posting!

Katie Rich said...

Hi! Please pass on to your sister the advice I was given by a young British woman on a plane. "Go to Brighton and eat fish and chips on the pier. It is quite quaint." I did, and it was. I loved the pebble beach too!

Amy said...

so fun! That makes me laugh about Bryan's face during Mama Mia- he's such a good sport! I can imagine it was similar to Jeff's face when we saw "hairspray"! lol silly boys!

Suzie Soda said...

Your life sounds pretty fun. Can't wait to hear what your projext is for your parents. xoxoxo