Rivalry Week

In my class I have 24 wild and crazy BYU fans and 1 pesky Utah fan (ps, she is adorable and I love her so much.) At the beginning of the year it quickly became apparent that we had a huge rift in our classroom family. The kids would gang up on Ute fan, and I had to lecture them about being kind even though we cheer for different teams. Eventually it became something fun that we all like to joke about.

Enter Mr. Jensen. Mr. Jensen is an aide in my classroom who comes every morning. He is young and fun, and the kids adore him. Unfortunately Mr. Jensen is also a Ute fan.

On Monday he came to school wearing a hideous red shirt and proclaimed that he was planning on wearing red every day that week. I almost said that I would then wear blue every day, but I realized that there's not too much blue in my closet, need to work on that. So I had to come up with something quick and clever. I decided to make a bargain with Mr. Jensen. If BYU wins, he has to wear one of Bryan's BYU shirts all day on Monday. He jumped right on it and said that if Utah wins, the whole class has to get on their knees and say, "The Utes are the Best."

So, the rivalry begins. We only write in blue on our whiteboard. We're all wearing true blue on Friday.

Please Cougars, pull it off for the 25 of us in Room 19.


William & Tiffany Strong said...

Rachel I love it! My class is wearing BLUE on Friday too! Are you wearing BYU stuff? I just love you! And YES BYU better win - or my football boys might cry - and 12 year old boys should not cry!

Judi said...

That is so funny and cute. GO COUGS!

Shauna aka Big Chief Rain Dance Phillips said...

I love it! Rog and I are wearing our cougar blue today too! I am sooooo nervous for the game. Come one cougars... You can do it!