Jeepers Creepers

A. This is the title of an extremely scary movie that Bry and I watched about 4 times last week in honor of Halloween.

B. This may be what you think of me after reading this post.

If this is your home, please know that I am only a random admirer, not a creepy stalker. Ever since my eyes first came across this darling home I have been completely in love with it. I often make Bryan drive out of our way to get a peek of my dream home. I love how it looks like it belongs in Virginia- the shiny black shutters, the cute little porch, the handsome white pillars, the colorful leaves scattered on the ground. I want to curl up with a book on a window seat in one of the top windows and make cute curtains to go in those big front windows. I want to cuddle with Bryan in front of a warm fire in the fireplace. I want to chase my own little children around in the backyard. I want to fill this house with the delicious aroma of baking cookies. I want to paint the walls cute colors and decorate with fun artwork.

Please let this one day be my home.


Chad said...

correction: California, not Virginia

Kirsten Sue said...

You are too cute. I do that all the time with homes. There was a home in Logan that was teeny tiny made of stone and I drove past it every day.

Janssen said...

What a gorgeous house. . .I love it!

And I can't wait until I have a great house like that too.

Judi said...

Ha ha, every time we are in provo I make mike drive down 400 east to see "my home." The adress is about 81 north 400 east. It has the cutest white picket fence out front and it has vines growing up the side of it and I am totally in love with that house :) That is funny that you do the same thing with "your house."

Steph Dill said...

I LOVE homes in Virginia. I too have my home I would love and it looks a lot like your parents neighbors in Virginia. In fact last time I was there (for your wedding!) I took a picture of it and show people and JP that this will be my house one day! Remember though that you usually start small and then work your way to the "dream" house. Or you make what you have into the dream house! Or in JPs and my case you move so much you just want your "dream" home to be one you stay in longer then two years!!!

William & Tiffany Strong said...

I think that you are so cute! I love your dream home, I love you, I love teaching with you, and I just want to thank you for all you do for me daily!