last week before Liv

This picture doesn't show it very well but my belly was very large by the end.  Mattie tried to sit on my lap but just wasn't fitting.  She finally said "Mom, maybe we should sit on the bed, this isn't very comfortable."

Jillian had a spirit week at school and she was supposed to wear a different color each day so she made a list to remind her.  I'm so glad she shares my love of dress-up days.

Mattie had my phone one morning and took 40 pictures chronicling the whole process of us getting out the door.  When I found them later I thought it was hilarious (this one is our reflection in the car.)

On Friday we went to Jilly's Fall Festival at school.  Both girls had their faces painted but not all face painters were equal- Jilly's looked so much better than Mattie's.  There were lots of fun games and it was so fun to see Jillian at school.

On Saturday we went to Weber's Cider Mill and Farm, our favorite place to visit in the fall.  We had fun doing all the farm activities and having apple cider slushes and donuts.  That night we decided to buy a new tv.  We'd been talking about it for a while and suddenly it seemed like the perfect thing to do the night before having a baby, haha.  It was a great last day before our lives changed.