Umm, I didn't like it

I finished Mockingjay yesterday.  I had been reading bits and pieces whenever I got a chance (like during the hour wait at the DMV two days in a row- delightful) and yesterday I finally decided to go sit at the pool until I finished.  And, after being so excited for the book, I was really disappointed.  (Warning- don't keep reading if you haven't read it yet!)

I feel like everything was too easy and went too fast.  The rebels go in to rescue Peeta and they come back just a few hours later like it was no big deal.  Katniss stresses about her 2 boyfriends the whole time and at the end there is no big decision, it just happens (but I am very glad she ended up with Peeta, I always liked him better.)  I don't like that Katniss spent so much time drugged and in the hospital, she didn't seem like a real heroine.  I hate that Katniss killed so many people- wasn't the whole point of the rebellion to end all the violence and treat people fairly?  And, what was the whole deal with having another Hunger Games?  Why on earth did she vote to have another one (so glad that didn't happen)?

What did you think???


Justin, Allison, and Emily said...

I'm with you. I keep telling myself I must have totally missed something because it wasn't good at all. Bummer.

Jenna said...

yeah, i felt like it was let down after the 1st 2 books. :(

Jillian said...

I was mega disappointed - especially how they battle in and then it's all for nothing...She should've consulted me before releasing that book. It was all wrong. Sad day!

Vanessa said...

I thought it was brilliant. Yes it was incredibly sad, but that's what made it so good. It was real. I loved that there was a bigger focus on the feelings and emotions than on the plot.

Emily said...

I JUST finished it, and could finally read your post about it :)

I agree. WAY too much violence and fighting. The first 100 pages seemed blah to me and then I really couldn't sort through all of the fighting details because there were so many. I was very upset that she killed off basically ever character- particulary upset about Finnick.

The one good thing that came out of this is that she ended up with Peeta. I agree, I always liked him more as well. So based on that I can't 100% hate it, but I think it certainly could have been much better.