Seventy degrees and Sunny!

That pretty much sums up our little Easter trip. The car ride wasn't so rosy- we left at about 3:00 on Friday after we were both done with school. I had been unsuccessfully fighting a cold all week and was completely exhausted so sweet Bryan drove the ENTIRE way while I slept for most of the time.

On Saturday morning we went to a park. The boys took their mountain bikes and Bryan's mom and I walked. I learned something new- California can be green! I had only ever been in the middle of winter and the middle of summer when everything is brown (or golden as they call it.) But, it was so beautiful and there were wildflowers everywhere! The trip was full of everything we could expect from an Oakley visit:

La Costa burritos... check
Guitar Hero... check
Getting dirty...check
Eating delicious food...check
Hanging with the fam... check (Grandma Griffin was gone, but we had some quality time with Grandma and Grandpa Martinez as well as 97-year old Grandma Croshaw)
Going to the Oakley Ward and hearing the choir... check
Watching movies...check (somehow Sherrie and I convinced the boys to watch Enchanted, but we also watched I am Legend)

There were some added Easter bonuses like dying easter eggs with Chad, the master artist, having an easter egg hunt (the boys will never admit it, but I found the most eggs), fun easter baskets for everyone, and lots of candy. It was a wonderful trip and we were so sad to leave on Monday. But, we'll be back soon for Chad's graduation!


Amy said...

sounds like you guys had a good time- I'm glad you were able to do that!

Judi said...

How fun. I feel like this winter is dragging on WAY to long!