For those of you who have not heard my saga of looking for a teaching position for next year, I'll give you a 2 second recap. I really wanted to stay at my school, but there weren't any open positions. I knew that if I sat around and waited for a while a position would probably open up because that's what always happens with teachers. But, I also felt like I should get on the ball with finding a job because it would just feel so good to know what I was doing next year. And, if it ended up that I couldn't get a job at my school after all, I wanted to know that I had good options to choose from. So I've been doing this crazy dance called "Look how great I am, but don't look too closely because you need to wait a couple weeks to see what happens at my school before you offer me that fabulous job you're keeping in your pocket for me as my backup."

But, today all my dreams came true. A position at my school opened up and my principal offered me the job. YEA!! Being an intern was great, but being a real teacher will be twice as great (with twice the paycheck!) I'm so glad that I get to stick with a school that is familiar, with a wonderful faculty that I love, and especially that I will still get to see my darling kids next year! Ahh, it feels so good!

And, the other thing that feels good- I'm headed to California tomorrow! We're so excited to visit Bryan's parents and our favorite Chad for Easter. Wow, could I get any luckier?


Janssen said...

Congrats! I bet that's a HUGE relief to know what the plan is. I'm totally jealous of all the little kids that get you as a teacher.

Lisa Michelle said...


Lindsay Marie said...

That's great Rach. What grade will you be teaching?

Rachel said...

Fourth grade again- the perfect grade!