He Did It!

This weekend we traveled down to Moab with our friends Bryan and Lisa. The boys were running the half marathon down there. At one point long ago, crazy Rachel thought it would be really fun and exciting to run 13 miles, so I got Bryan thinking about it. But, teaching kind of threw me off schedule and running lost importance among planning, grading, doing my teacher work sample, crying, going to meetings, sleeping, eating, etc. (note earlier post regarding my gym attendance.) So, I decided this wasn't a good year for me. Besides, I've been wanting to go back and relive my eighth grade cheering days for a long time now (don't worry, I've still got it.)

Bryan and Bryan set off early Saturday morning wearing the hideous fluorescent hats that every runner was given. We had read earlier that any clothing taken off and left on the road during the race would be donated to charity, so the philanthropic boys decided to drop their hats along the way. Lisa and I had a great time standing at the finish line and cheering on the amazing runners (the overall winner did it in 1 hour and 9 minutes...disgusting.) The whole time we had our cameras ready and were watching. All of a sudden I screamed, "There's Bryan... And he's still wearing his hat!!" Apparently my sweet Bryan had been so intent on his running that he had forgotten his earlier charitable inclination.

Overall, it was a very fun day and I was so proud of Bryan. He ran the whole 13 miles in 1 hour and 51 minutes. It was great to watch the Bryans, some of my cousins, and some other friends cross the finish line. They all were so impressive. And, I think I may have been inspired... at least inspired to be excited about my little 5K next week. :) I'm still trying to decide if I've been inspired enough to head back to Moab next year. I'll keep you posted...

ps- pictures to come. My computer is being crazy


Lisa Michelle said...

Didn't you hear? After Saturday, they plan on renaming the run to Rex Lee Rachel Run, after its benefactor and its champion. :)