Favorite Day!!

I LOVE Valentines Day, for many reasons. 1. Everyone has to wear pink or red (or at least they should!) 2. All over campus there are boys carrying bouquets that normally wouldn't be caught dead doing so... it's a day that brings out the romantic in all of us. 3. Lots of chocolate! 4. Valentine cards from friends and family 5. (save the best for last) It's our Engagement Anniversary! I promise I'm not a psycho anniversary person, but it is fun that we will always get to celebrate the night we got engaged. Last year, Bryan had sneakily gotten my ring without me knowing and surprised me on my favorite day of the year. I've always loved Valentine's Day, but I love it even more now that I have this wonderful man to spend forever with. I hope everyone had a Valentine's Day full of lots of love and happiness!


Amy said...

so cute! I love it too- haha especially the boys walking around with flowers!