cousin time

Jilly and Kirra have a super close cousin bond where they adore each other yet want to make each other miserable by always wanting the exact toy the other has at the exact moment.  They also are the same brand of craaaaazy (further proof that this side of Jilly's personality comes from her father.)  Kristen and Kirra came to stay with us and we had two days full of exhaustion and fun.

Sherrie, Michael, Kristen, and Kirra came Sunday evening and we had dinner then went to the temple.  I felt a little better about the girls running wild on Sunday if they were on temple grounds.

The girls had their first sleepover and it went about as well as you can imagine- neither girl was asleep before 10pm, both spent some time awake around 3am, and then were up for the day at 7:30.

On Monday we went to the mall- a little bit of shopping, riding the carousel, "playing" in the arcade (without really playing any of the games), and drooling over everything in the Disney store.  Our goal was to wear them out and we felt very successful as we pulled into the garage with three sleeping girls in the backseat (yes, we fit three car seats in the back seat of our Camry.)

After naps we had dinner then Bryan offered (aka we begged) to take the girls swimming while Kristen and I recovered from our day with some shopping and ice cream.  That night we started making matching tutus for the girls.

On Tuesday our day started bright and early.  By 8:30 I was exhausted and my house looked like a tornado had gone through.  We went to a park/splash pad and the girls played until the major grouchies settled in.  All three were asleep again by the time we reached home so Kristen and I finished the tutus.

That night we went to Chick-fil-A for family night.  Both girls got chicken nuggets, balloon animals, and painted butterflies on their arms.  I can pretty much guarantee that if you come visit me, I'll show you a good time at cfa.

And then they headed home.  Luckily this isn't the last of the cousin time, just a little break for Kristen and me to recover.


Lisa said...

So fun! Exhausting...but fun!! :) they are so adorable together. :)

Kristen Fitzgerald & Trevor Martinez said...

You aren't kidding about the good time. I want to move there an hang out more! Although I think the more we hang out the more pajama days I will need. I know everyone is fighting for you love close to them but I am requesting at least 3 years of living close to me