Master Bryan

This weekend Bryan received his Master's Degree in Civil Engineering.  We enjoyed celebrating with Bryan's parents and my whole family.  I'm so proud of Bryan's hard work, and so excited for no more homework!!

We figured out that Tyler will graduate from high school in 2020- just 10 years to go!  

With Rob and Anna

Two BYU alumni and a future Cougar


Shauna aka Big Chief Rain Dance Phillips said...

Congratulations to Bryan! No homework is the best!!

da said...

Congratulations. Best of Luck! xoxo

Lisa Michelle said...

SO exciting! And you look so cute! p.s. Where is little baby Tyler and who the heck is that huge blond boy?

tracy said...

Congratulations all around! And a baby on the way...yay!

Loved looking at the books you are reading...

Jodi Piccolt's "House Rules" is excellent (our son has AS)

If i could just get o n e person to read "Autobiograpy of an Execution", by David Dow, i would be thrilled.

Anyhing by Atul Gwande, MD is fasnastic!

And my movie pick "For My Father"...an amazing, very touching story....check out the trailer...thanks for your time!