Moving Day

Two weeks ago our apartment looked like this:

We had my whole family (except Dad) sleep over.  It was a little crowded but very fun.

Tonight our apartment looks like this:

I liked it a lot better before.


Shauna aka Big Chief Rain Dance Phillips said...

I liked it a lot better before too! I'm so distraught you guys are leaving. Please keep in touch! We love you!

Lisa Michelle said...

I'm so torn. I'm so sad to see your apartment packed up, but so happy that all that stuff and the people it belongs to will be moving so much closer to us! See, this is why I'm a bad person. I'm selfish. :(

Judi said...

tear! Change is hard! Especially leaving beloved BYU!!!!!!

New life goal, come visit you and lisa and see that cute baby.

tracy said...

That slumber party looked like sooo much fun! Awwwww..... :)

So sad you are moving and missing so many frinds. You are lucky to have friends.....

i love the verification...it looks East Indian-kool!

Smile you could be leaving VCU! ;)


tracy said...

Ummm, make that "friends"....oh dear, i can't even spell it!