Showered in Pink

When Bryan and I were planning our wedding, people would ask me what our colors were and I would say "pink."  "Anything else?" they'd inevitably ask and I'd answer again, "just pink."  And, if you ask me it turned out perfectly; I loved all the pink at our wedding.

I am tickled that thanks to generous family and friends our daughter will also be covered in pink:

When my family was here they had a shower for me at Paradise Bakery.  It was fun to be with my sisters and to get motherly advice from all of my aunts and my grandma.

Then, Shauna and Anna had a shower for me last weekend with the most adorable invitations, delicious food, and fun activity.  We decorated onesies, which was immensely more fun than playing games and gave me 8 adorable, hand-made onesies!

Shauna posted more pictures here

We have the best friends here in Provo, it's hard to imagine leaving them in just a few days.  To say I'm sad about it would be an extreme understatement.  But, we're also excited to move on.


da said...

How fun for you..3 showers is awesome. Your baby will have everything. xoxoxo

Lisa Michelle said...

Oh my gosh, those pink shoes you're holding at the bakery!!! I might die from cuteness overload.

La Familia Pearson said...

Sounds so fun! We're having another little girl, so we are looking forward to more pink, as well. :) We come back to Provo in a week; sad we probably won't get to see you before you leave! But we hope everything goes well with moving and with that little girl that's coming soon!
Take care,
The Pearsons
PS. It was fun being neighbors for a while. :)