Girls' Trip 2017

I went on a girls' trip the first weekend in June.  We didn't go far, just to D.C., but it was the BEST weekend with girls I love so much.  We all met up at the hotel Friday night, enjoyed sleeping the whole night without any kids to wake us up, ate breakfast, then headed straight for bikess!  We biked along the whole mall which was so so fun.  We were able to see all the monuments and stop whenever we wanted, it was the best way to see the city.  Then we went to Good Stuff Eatery and sat outside eating lunch and talking for 3 hours which was heavenly because there were no kids to interrupt us!  We biked some more then went to see Beauty and the Beast that night.  On Sunday we slept in again, ate breakfast, then visited the National Gallery til it was time to head back to our kids.  I feel so lucky to have these friends, and so grateful to Bryan (and my mom, who kept Livvy) for giving me the chance to escape for a weekend!