June 2017

These cousins love spending a day together!

This must have been one of our last mornings at the bus stop.  We're so lucky to have so many cute girls on our street.

Livvy discovered how fun it is to empty her book basket

Ready for summer!  

Some friends were moving and gave us this mini trampoline.  I had never seen a trampoline this size and it is perfect for our girls right now, they love it!

Kindergarten Celebration Day - They spent weeks practicing songs and poems to perform for their families.  We loved getting to watch Jilly and say goodbye to Mrs. Schmaus.

Obsessed with audiobooks.  This one was a Frozen book but the girls have listened to so many Boxcar Children books this summer

I took Jilly on a date and she wanted a "cheese hamburger" and ate the whole thing!  I love the kind, generous, and helpful girl she is becoming, we had a great time chatting together without any other distractions.

Practicing guitar, Bryan has been teaching her a bit here and there which is really fun

Last day of Kindergarten!  Jilly was a bit sad, but I was SO excited to have her home for the whole summer!!!

Bryan's office moved down to the Inner Harbor in May.  We went down one Saturday and walked around for a bit and went to see the new office.  

First beach day of the summer, we love Hammerman!

Clark's Elioak Farm - this is a little fairytale village and farm that was a little underwhelming for the adults but the kids still had a great time (and as you can see from all these pictures Jilly LOVES her tie dye shirt, haha!)

Birthday party for our friend Ellie and saying goodbye before she moved