Call me crazy (Bryan definitely does) but even though the weather was kind of perfect in Sacramento, I really missed having seasons.  I got tired of nice, sunny days all winter and missed feeling the excitement in the air knowing a big change was coming. This winter has been long and bitterly cold and kind of miserable at times but it has made me look forward to Spring more than I ever have before.  We are going to appreciate the nice weather and green grass and soak every ounce of sunshine that we can.

On Monday there was still quite a bit of snow on the ground but it was sunny and warm and we could not stay inside for a second longer.  We walked down to the park where Jilly spun around yelling "This is the best day ever!!!" and I gave the girls underdogs on the swings until my shoulders were sore then I ate 5,000 twig "french fries" from their restaurant.  It really felt like the best day ever.


Kristen Fitzgerald & Trevor Martinez said...

All that snow is punishment for leaving me alone out west. Who needs seasons when you have a perfectly good sister in law!