five fact friday

1. Current favorites are Elmo, known as "Nemo" around here (she's never seen Sesame Street, but has been choosing lots of Elmo books from the library), and Dora the Explorer, always called "Du Du Du Du Dora."
2. Loves her new bunny slippers that Bryan's grandma sent (Jilly got a pair too!)
3. Sleeping a bit better (hallelujah!!!!)
4. Is way into counting books and will mumble through the numbers til she gets to "fie!" (five)
5. Always wants to be wearing Jillian's clothes.

1. Created the Princess Bunny "just like there's a Princess Cow at Chick-fil-A!"
2. Had a friend over and the two girls played happily down in the basement for 2.5 hours without needing anything from me.  Miracles do happen.
3. Is obsessed with her new innie belly button and loves showing it off.
4.  Loves holidays and is constantly telling me the order of all her favorite days.
5. Told me the other day, "Do you know what my favorite day is?  Summer."  We're dreaming of days on the beach.

A little moment I don't want to forget- after their baths the girls often lay down in front of the heater to warm up.  The other night they were sharing this pillow and Mattie started playing with Jilly's hair.  They fight just as much as any pair of sisters but they're also best friends which makes me so, so happy.


Kylie Martinez said...

Oh my goodness. I miss these two fun girls!