Snow Day 11.0

I'm not really sure how many snow days we've had.  I heard on the news this morning that kids have missed 7 days of school and we've missed 4 Sundays of church this winter (3 full days and one day we only had Sacrament Meeting) so I'm going with 11.  I actually don't mind the snow- it's beautiful and usually fun to play in, but I really am sick of everything being canceled and being stuck in our house for days on end.  

Today we got 8 more inches of snow and Bryan worked from home.  It was great to have him home but also kind of tough because he worked down in the basement and Jilly was certain that he was down there playing and begged me all morning to let her join him.  The girls and I had a lazy morning doing puzzles, coloring, and reading books.  When I looked at the clock I was shocked that it was noon.  Since the girls were still wearing pajamas it made sense to eat cereal for lunch.  

After lunch, getting dressed, and a nap for Mattie we stole Bryan from his basement "office" to go sledding.  While we were getting our snow clothes on Mattie decided she wanted a scarf like Jilly.  I remembered that I had some leftover fleece so in the time it took Bryan to shovel our walkway I whipped up a little scarf for Mattie (this really is not impressive since it only involved a few cuts, but I still felt like supermom.)  The sledding hill was perfect today, but it was very cold and Mattie didn't last long.  Both girls made good use of their mermaid blankets and the heater after coming inside.  We ate dinner then made snow ice cream (10ish cups of snow, a can of sweetened condensed milk, 1 tsp vanilla, and sprinkles- not optional!)  It was a fun day but I loved checking our forecast tonight and finding no snow predicted for 10 whole days- hooray!!


kali said...

Haha, amen! Loved having snow days, but we're seriously hoping this is the last one :)