five on friday

1. We've been go-go-go this week.  By Wednesday night we had gone to Target, Michael's, TJMaxx, and 2 grocery stores.  We'd been to a birthday party, a play date, music class, Jilly's ballet class, a meeting at church, and an Arbonne party.  We had eaten lunch on the go every day and made and delivered dinner for two other families.  On Thursday morning after breakfast I marched the girls upstairs to get dressed and Jilly begged "Can we please just stay home today??"  So we had a much-needed morning of dress-up, playing with easter eggs, and cleaning the house.  It was good for all of us.

2.  On Sunday I had meetings before church so Bryan came later with the girls.  I did their hair before I left and set out dresses.  When they arrived at church I couldn't figure out why Jilly's sleeves were so short then I finally checked the tag and it was Mattie's shirt!  The girls have the same shirt and I must have just grabbed one (the wrong one) when I set out their clothes in the morning.  I can't imagine how Bryan and Jilly didn't notice her shirt was three sizes too small when she put it on!

3.  One day during Mattie's nap Jilly went down to the basement to play.  She was quiet for a long time so I went down to check on her.  She had the heater blowing right on her and had cuddled up with some dolls and blankets and toys and was fast asleep in the corner.  Mattie was asleep upstairs, Jilly was asleep downstairs, so I finished up my dinner prep and took a little snooze of my own.  It was heavenly.

4.  Mattie is just barely big enough for 2T clothes so we got a box of Jilly's old clothes down from the attic.  I am so, so happy to see these little pink crocs back in action.

 5.  Bryan has been very busy lately- he leaves at 5:45 to go to the gym before work, then has had to stay late a few nights after work so the girls haven't seen him all day long.  We've been really loving any time we get with Daddy, especially a lunch date with him at work.


Shauna said...

With Rog's schedule at the U my kids usually don't see him at all on Tuesdays and not until pretty late Wednesday night, so I totally hear you on #5! Life is better with dad around!

tracy said...

Darling kiddos! Two questions...Do you live in VA? And is your husband a Dr.?

PS I'm Shauna's Aunt

tracy said...


Rachel said...

I replied in an email but I guess you didn't get it. We live in Baltimore, and my husband is an engineer

tracy said...

Thanks for answering. I don't know where I got those two ideas....guess it just looks very Virginia where you live...and your DH looks "Doctorly"...? :)