sisters, sisters

Later on the night Mattie was born Bryan's mom picked up Jilly from our friends' house and brought her to meet her baby sister.  When they arrived Mattie was in the nursery having her bath.  Jilly loved watching all the babies through the window, but was even more excited when she could see her sister for the first time.
Jillian stayed with Bryan's parents the rest of the time we were in the hospital and had a wonderful time.  But she was thrilled when it was finally time to take Baby Mattie home. 
To say that Jillian loves Mattie is a huge understatement.  She always wants to be as close as humanly possible to Mattie, which sometimes means that she ends up on top of her baby sister.  Jilly especially loves it when we put Mattie in bed with her.  
Jillian is a great helper- she's the very best diaper retriever and paci finder.  Jilly loves to help give Mattie a bath; she's always in charge of putting lotion on Mattie's feet when the bath is done.  She also likes to pick out Mattie's clothes, but has been very disappointed that her sister doesn't wear dresses every day. 
Jilly got a build-a-bear and Bryan realized that the Aurora dress for the bear would fit Mattie perfectly.  You can imagine Jilly's excitement at having a dress up buddy.  
I love, love, love that these sisters are going to be bff's.

more on Jilly's dress here, Mattie's dress from this tutorial


Shauntel said...

Maybe the cutest thing ever. I just love sisters. :)

Lisa Michelle said...

This post is so precious! Such a good idea to give Jilly a special job for after Mattie's bath. I'll have to remember that. Wonderful girls and wonderful mother. :)