side by side

From the moment Mattie was born people have told me that she and Jilly look exactly alike.  I thought so too, until gradually Mattie has become such her own little person to me.  Mattie has lots of dark, dark hair while Jilly just had a little bit of fuzz that she quickly lost, and Jilly's face is rounder.  But, looking at these pictures, no one could doubt that they are sisters.  Jilly is on the left and Mattie on the right.

{coming home from the hospital- same car seat, same outfit (see how the outfit is hanging off J's feet and fits M perfectly?)}

{this one also proves that my sleeping habits haven't changed much- super messy hair and right arm up by my head}


Shauntel said...

Whoa. They look identical! Love those side by side comparisons. So fun.

Lisa said...

I was totally ready to join your "Mattie is her own person argument" until you posted this--these pictures make them look like twins separated by 2.5 years! Awesome comparison!

kali said...

I can only tell them apart by their hair! Beautiful little girls :)