five on friday

one-  I got Mattie's pictures taken this week and I love love love how they turned out!
two- On Sunday night I was holding fussy Mattie and Bryan came up and started talking to her.  She stopped crying and flashed him her very first dazzling smile.  She knew just what to give her daddy for Father's Day.  We've all been able to get her to smile this week, but she definitely smiles the most for Bryan.
three- I read The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton this week and LOVED it.  Children were possibly neglected (or at least watched a little more Curious George than is necessary) as I devoured this book. If I wasn't reading at any moment I was most likely thinking about the book and wondering how it would end. It's the perfect summer book.
four- At the grocery store Jilly begged for me to buy the "pink milk."  I was trying to get out of there quickly and without any major meltdowns so I gave in.  But we have been suffering drinking skim milk all week (yuck!)  Back to the blue 2% milk on Monday.
five- I ordered this backpack for Jilly, and when she opened it up Jilly said, "oh my goodness, oh my goodness!"  Definitely a hit.
Happy Weekend!


Katie said...

Beautiful pictures! And #4 made me laugh - I used to like skim milk fine, but something changed in my first pregnancy and now skim milk makes me gag. I definitely prefer 2%.

Jim and Jill said...

I love the first picture so much so cute

Lisa said...

All those pictures are so precious! They turned out so great!

Allison said...

I was hoping "pink milk" was premade strawberry milk. :)